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Is a Love Triangle Dangerous?

Love triangle - one great man and two loving women

 We often hear the phrase “the love triangle” in relationships. It’s when a romantic relationship becomes complicated with the addition of a third person. In such a triangle, two people are usually committed to each other, but one of them also starts having an affair with another person. Sometimes a relationship is difficult to comprehend; you are unable to give it a name, yet you also find it difficult to let go.

 The same confusion prevents you from committing and hence it goes on almost forever. That is why a love triangle is also sometimes referred to as “an eternal triangle”. Although a lot of people experience this kind of an involvement, but is a love triangle dangerous?

  This is what we are going to find out in this article.

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      Is a Love Triangle Dangerous?

 Love triangles are often dangerous because one of the three people involved almost always ends up being hurt. On the other hand, if this person finds peace with the fact that their relationship is never going to work, then this triangle may just be there without hurting anyone. However, it is not very easy to tolerate a rival, especially when it comes to a romantic relationship.

 Women especially start feeling jealous if another woman fancies their partner. Since men are generally considered to be emotionally the weaker sex, women almost always jump to all sorts of conclusions.

 The best way to deal with such a situation is to discuss it with your partner. Nobody can lie when they are in a romantic relationship with someone else. You can actually see it in their eyes if they are telling the truth. However, be prepared to hear even the most unexpected of things.

One man and two girls in love

 It is also possible that none of the three people involved in a romantic triangle is committed. Some people never let their feelings show, but in such a case they are neither the losers nor the winners. More often than not, when the term the love triangle is mentioned, it usually involves two people having an affair and who are also committed to different people.

 As time passes, such a relationship becomes more and more complex. They want to be together, but at the same time they don’t want to hurt the other person in their life with whom they are committed.

 Sometimes a love triangle is also referred to as a psychological problem because the more you think about something, the more you get involved with it. On the other hand, if you simply get it out of your head, it becomes easy to deal with. Professional counseling is helpful when this issue becomes a psychological problem and has to be dealt with. If you don’t pay attention to it, it might as well consume you.

     To find out if your love triangle is dangerous follow the steps mentioned here:

     Identify Your place in The Triangle.

 Many a times, it’s just an imaginary thing that is only in our head. The other person may not even be aware of our feelings. In such a case, you need to move on with life if you don’t want to get hurt.

     Be Honest.

 Hiding your feelings is not always the right choice, especially when the other person also feels the same about you. However, being open and honest doesn’t mean you should forget about the third person involved in this triangle.

     Consider Your Options.

 Sometimes you need to get out of your comfort zone to save a person from getting hurt. Even if you didn’t initiate it, you will start feeling like a victim, especially when you delay making a choice. Relationship counseling is very helpful in making such decisions, but they are not just difficult, they can be very dangerous as well.

     Stick With Your Decision.

 If you decide to let go, stick with it. There is no point in making a decision while you still have doubts about what exactly you want to do. If you don’t confront yourself, the person who gets hurt in the end might as well be you.

     Let Go of Guilt.

 The strongest feelings next to love in a romantic triangle is the feeling of guilt. There is no need to feel guilty if you are a part of such a complicated relationship. It happens to a lot of people out there. When you feel guilty, you start to think that you are worthless. Don’t let these feelings overcome you.

     Move on.

 In the end, the best way to deal with a failed relationship is to move on with life. There are many things you can busy yourself with. Better yet, you may even find another person with whom you can commit and forget about the triangle altogether.

 Remember love triangles often form by themselves, and usually, we have no control over it. But once you get to know about it, you need to take an action immediately. It might mean confronting the person you are committed with, being honest about your feelings, or stepping out of this triangle as early as possible. The steps mentioned above ensure that there is little pain and more practicality while dealing with a situation that involves a romantic triangle.

Joyful young man communicates with girls


 We are all familiar with the term “the love triangle” because even if haven’t experienced it ourselves we must have seen many movies or read novels that are based on a romantic triangle story. There can be many variations to a love triangle, and at times more than three people are involved in such a relationship. It usually means people who are committed are having an affair with someone else, with or without their partner’s knowledge.

 Is a love triangle dangerous? This is a question many people ask because they want to know if going on in such an involvement is going to bring sorrow. This article explores that exactly happens in a love triangle and how to deal with it. The steps discussed here allow you to make a decision and stick with it no matter what. It is difficult, but possible.

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