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How to Make a Man Start to Love You?

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 Have you met a guy, and now you are smitten? Are you considering how to make a man start to love you? You are wondering if there is any kind of proven tactic to use. Fear not, we have a range of tried and tested techniques in this article.

     Love Yourself.

 Before you can possibly hope to make a man love you, you must love yourself first. You need to dig deep into your soul and think about all the great things you have to offer. Once you have recognized those qualities, it is far easier to make sure that your chosen man has also noticed them too. You need to place yourself into scenarios that allow you to display these good points.

     Look at Him.

 Most people when conversing, tend to look at each other around 30-60% of the time. However, lovers will look at each other 75% of the time. By maintaining longer eye contact than is normal in a conversation, you will be moving into the same time frame that applies to lovers. Your Bain and more importantly, his brain will take this as a clue and start to think that maybe this person is a lover.

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     Be Similar.

 Humans have a clear preference for those who are similar to them. If you identify his interests and his background, and then pick out the bits that apply to you as well. Make sure that you drop these into the conversation, so he sees just how much alike you are. In a similar vein, the University of Liverpool found that people, who share similar facial expressions to us, are seen to be more compatible.

Woman thinks about love for a man

     Keep it Real.

 Finding genuine things that you share in your background or shared interests is good. What is not good is taking that to the extreme and declaring your passion for Golf when you barely know one end of a club from another. Sex therapist, Dr. In Kerner says trying new things is fine, as you may discover something you had never tried and assumed you would not like, and find that actually you quite liked it. Pretending you like something when you do not is a sure path to disaster.

     Be There.

 Think about advertising campaigns. They work, in part, because they increase your exposure to a product. Sex therapist, Dr. In Kerner says seeing you around and being with you will increase his liking for you. Of course, this one only works if there is a glimmer of feelings already. If he does not like you, constantly being there will irritate him even more.

     Take a Break.

 He has seen you around quite a bit and is starting to get to like having you around. The next step in your campaign in making a man start to love you is to stay away for a little. Having got used to having you around and looking forward to the next time he sees you. Step back just a little and make him understand exactly how much he was enjoying having you around. Do something else with your time, work late, see your family, learn pottery, or whatever you like.

     Find a Reason to Ask for Help.

 Men are quite simple creatures and bound by their primeval conditioning. There is something within a man who gives him a warm buzz if he helps a woman in some way. So if you ask him for help in shifting some furniture or putting a new connection on your TV, you will be giving him that warm buzz. Also, if he is a little insecure over your relationship, then you will also make him just that little bit more secure.

Woman passionately hugs her man

     Remain Self Sufficient.

 Having just told you to ask for help we are now going to suggest that you make sure he sees in you a self-sufficient and independent person who is not needy. Needy women are a big turn off for men. Men prefer women who know what they want and do what is needed to get it. If a woman like that asks for help, then that increases the warm buzz.

     Be Happy.

 Men are often desperately insecure and if the woman does not appear to be enjoying their conversation and company they start to quickly feel very insecure. When a woman is laughing, smiling, nodding appreciatively, and then that increases the sense of security and draws them closer to the woman. If after every time they have been out with you, they go home with that warm and secure feeling, they will begin to associate the buzz that the feeling gives them directly with you.

     Be a Supportive Friend.

 This is really obvious, but women so often get hooked on techniques like playing hard to get and pretending to be fragile, that they totally ignore lesson 101 – Be a friend. If someone is feeling secure and content when they are with you. If you are supportive and cheer them up when they are down, then they will truly value you as someone in their life.

     A Steak Sandwich.

 A recent poll at Men’s health suggested that a Steak Sandwich and a Beer will very welcome in most guys. We have all heard the saying that a way to a man’s heart is through his stomach, and this is very true in reality. Preparing food for a man is no-brainer when it comes to making someone love you more.

Romantic girl having breakfast

     Finally and Most Importantly – Show Them You Love!

 How to make a man start to love you? Well, the most important way of all is to show him that you love him. If he thinks you do not love them, how will he want to love you? It is a two-way thing, and you need to reciprocate, or make him reciprocate by making it clear that you love him. But of course, be sure that you do really love him and not just have a need to be loved.

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