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How to Find Out If Someone Loves You Secretly?

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 For many of us, it can be a pervading fantasy that there is someone out there who is pining for us secretly. Unrequited love can envelope our daydreams, and the idea that there is someone out there who feels that same way about us is like a dream come true. For those of you who have ever wondered if that special someone is out there somewhere dreaming about you, here is how to find out if someone loves you secretly.

     Study Their Body Language.

 Body language is one of the biggest things to look out for when figuring out any unspoken truths a person might be hiding beneath the surface. Because of this, it is only natural that the analysis of body language should be one of the most important tools in helping to identify if someone is hiding their loving admiration towards you.

 Notice how the person holds themselves and their bodies in regards to their posture when they are around you or in conversation with you. Sometimes excessive shyness can mean that they have butterflies in their stomach when you are around, but, generally, if they love you secretly, then they will have very open body language with you and make great amounts of eye contact. This will include lots of smiles, hugs, and touching moments.

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 Besides being open and embracing, the person who is secretly in love with you will still be very cautious and careful about how exactly they deal with you physically, wanting to make sure simultaneously that they don’t convey too much of their secret feelings and that they respect your space. Despite this, a long hug goodbye or hello is still a very common sign that another person has secret feelings for you.

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     Are They Open and Honest with You?

 If someone is secretly in love with you, they are likely going to be very good and open friends with you first while keeping their true feelings carefully hidden under the guise of their friendship. They will still be honest and open and share other important secrets with you, and they will still be very candid about what they say when you’re around. In fact, they might even let their love slip out right in front of you without you even noticing.

 They will likely be very interested in you and your habits and hobbies, remembering things that are important to you such as special dates that mean something to you as well as all of your favorite foods, movies, and other favorite things.

 Someone who is secretly in love with you will likely enjoy small talk with you just as much as they enjoy conversations that get into the deeper aspects of you and themselves, eager to be enlightened by hearing about who you really are and cherishing that information.

 You will likely be surprised just how much information they have retained about you over the years through simple conversation, just because they care so much. Keeping track of who is paying attention to you is pivotal in how to find out if someone loves you secretly.

     Do They Value Your Opinion More Than Others?

Someone who is secretly in love with you will likely value your opinion a great deal, often making a point to look to you for advice and comfort in stressful situations. They will likely be able to confide in you a great deal, and have some level of trust when it comes to you and their confidence in your ability to rationalize and empathize with them and their needs.

 Likewise, they will appreciate and value anything you have to recommend to them, whether that be a new book or a new experience, and they will always gladly come out with you and try new things. Vice versa, they will always be there to help you out and be eager to lend a hand just so that they can be near you and bask in their secret love for you.

If someone seems like they venerate you and cherish your company and your opinions, it is likely that they have a fondness for you that transcends friendship. This is a key factor in how to find out if someone loves you secretly.

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     Are They Happier When You’re Around?

 This is similar to body language, but more verbal. The way a person acts and the things they say can have a certain subtext, indicating a secret love for the one they’re talking to or about. Notice how their demeanor is when you’re around compared to when they’re around other people. Are they happier when you’re around or when you’re not around?

 A persons mood might change entirely just based on your mere presence in their company if they hare harboring a secret love for you. As well, it might also change the way they talk about you when you are not there. Notice carefully how a person behaves when you are around.

 Certain people might be made privy to the love of your secret admirer. These mutual friends or acquaintances may or may not give you some indication of this secret if you press them. Asking others can always help in determining what another person’s true intentions are if you are in doubt. If you have mutual friends, try talking with them about the situation if you are curious. They may have more to offer than you anticipate.

 What you need to keep in mind is that if a person is ecstatic to be around you and always seems to gravitate towards you in social situations, that person could likely be harboring some secret feelings for you. As well, if they are slightly anxious, maybe even seeming a bit nervous, yet excited, that can be another indication that they have a secret crush on you.

 So, there you have some tips for eyeing out that special someone who is hiding their true feelings from you. If you are curious about how to find out if someone secretly loves you, follow their body language and their demeanor when you’re around to determine if they may or may not have secret feelings for you. It may turn out that your soon-to-be significant other is hiding in plain sight.

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