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How Can I Attract My Love?

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 People often wonder – how can I attract my love? There’s a certain mystery when you fall in love with someone, and it never turns out the way we expect it to – and that’s the beauty of it. Love is the most beautiful and extraordinary thing that anyone could possibly experience in this life. It’s something we all dream of, to love and be loved in return by someone special. They say that love finds you when you least expect it and not the other way around, but that’s not to say that there aren’t things that you can do to attract the specific kind of love.

     #1 Let Go of Everything That Involves Your Past.

 In order to attract the love of your life, you’re going to have to let everything go that belongs in the past. We know that there’s a specific struggle in attempting to drop that kind of baggage, but if you’re really going to attract your love, you have to let the past go. The baggage that belongs in your past can affect any potential relationship you could have at this moment. After all, staying stuck in who you were and the bad decisions you’ve made doesn’t change anything but the fact that you have to keep moving forward. The only thing you can do at this point is use your past to become better and possibility attract the love you actually deserve for yourself. No matter what you’ve done in the past.

     #2 Show Yourself The Love You Deserve.

 The way to attract your love is by giving yourself the kind of love you want the love of your life to give you. In doing this, you’re making yourself believe that you do, in fact, deserve that kind of love. You’re basically manifesting the kind of love you’re eventually going to get, to yourself. After all, they say you have to love yourself first in order to be in an intimate relationship.

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     #3 Guard Your Thoughts.

 You have to control the flow of your thoughts. With this being said, you have to counter every negative thought you find yourself having, such as “I’m not good enough for anybody” or “I’m better off alone, anyway.” These thoughts of yours won’t help you in attracting the love you aspire. In fact, it’s going to do the exact opposite. It’s better to have thoughts of “I deserve this kind of love” and “I’m going to meet them soon, I just have to be patient.” Training your mind with these thoughts make you believe in them yourself.

     #4 Learn About Love Languages.

 There are basically five love languages each person has, according to Gary Chapman. These are essential in reciprocating love to others. The five main love languages are: quality time, acts of service, physical touch, words of affirmation and receiving gifts. It’s significant to have knowledge about what your main love language is in order to attract someone as well, so that when you do find the love you aspire, you know how to show them that love. Most people assume that the way we want to be loved is also the way others want to be loved, which is not the case at all.

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     #5 Get Yourself Out There.

 I know you’re constantly wondering and thinking to yourself, “How can I attract my love?” Of course, to do this, you can’t just stay in your room and expect the love of your life to show up at your door the next day. You have to get yourself out there, no matter how uncomfortable the dating game may be. This can vary from person to person how exactly you’re going to get yourself out there again. For some, it may be dating apps or simply going on a blind date. It’s about your preference, so you can do whatever suits you the most.

     #6 Apply The Law Of Attraction.

 The law of attraction is manifesting your thoughts in your life. Meaning, if you truly believe that you are going to attract the love you aspire, and then it’s going to happen. This is similar to watching your thoughts, however, this involves action. The more you think it’s going to happen, the more you adjust certain aspects in your life to make it happen. For instance, since your thoughts are focused on attracting the love you want, maybe you find yourself being a more social person and meet new people. This is the law of attraction taking in place.

     #7 Laugh More.

 This is a really basic tip, but laughing in general releases endorphins, which is the happiness chemical. Basically, of course, laughing makes you happy, which can also make other people happy. Having that kind of positivity and optimism in your life can attract also something positive. You do attract what you manifest. Laughing and smiling more has also been proven to attract people in your life. After all, having a cheerful and easy-going personality is always an attractive quality in a person.

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     #8 Pray About It or Send Your Desire Out to The Universe.

Whether you believe in God or not, you should get your desire out there in the world. If you do believe in God, it’s a good idea to pray about attracting the love you’ve desired for so long. Praying to a divine being makes this desire of yours more realistic, and it gives you a higher chance of believing that it’s going to happen anytime soon.

 If you don’t believe in God, however, that’s alright. It’s also a great idea to send it out to the universe or maybe tell the stars that you’d really want the love of your life soon, and maybe they’re looking up at the stars the same time you are.

     #9 Bring Out The Hopeless Romantic In You.

 It’s the easiest thing to be so cynical when it comes to love and lose faith that you’re going to attract the love you aspire, but you have to have faith. In the end, that’s how the answer to “How can I attract my love?” Is answered! Love is all about a big leap of faith and not knowing where you’re going to end up in. But that’s the best part of it all. The best things in life come unexpected, after all.

     Big and Bright love!

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