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What is The Best Age to Get Married?

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 If you are here looking to discover what the best age to get married actually is, you’ve landed on the right page. Below, we try to help you uncover what is the best age for marriage for a woman and what is the best age for marriage for a man.

 When it comes to getting married, you need to be aware of certain key points. First off, the best age to get married differs between sexes. As a rule of thumb, men should get married later in life than women. Second, each person should marry based on his life priorities.

 For instance, if you want to grow in your career, you should probably avoid marriage until 30 or 35. On the other hand, if you want to explore life with your loved one and focus less on career, you should probably marry at 25. The opposite is also true. You could marry at 25 and focus both on your career and on visiting the world with your loved one.

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     So, What is The Best Age to get Married?

 The simplest answer is that the best age to get married varies from individual to individual. Every single one of us is unique, so we all have our own expectations in life. Moreover, sometimes getting married at an early stage is impossible, either because you can’t find the right person or you don’t have the money. And yes, it takes a lot of money to get married, especially if you want to enjoy the wedding of your dreams.

 According to an interesting math theory, the best age to get married is 26. This theory is based on the rule of 37%, which is considered to be the best point to make an informed decision.

 Considering that you want to get married between the age of 18 and 40, the 37% rule states that you should marry at 26. However, this is just a theory.

 Another interesting theory was issued by sociologist Nicholas H. Wolfinger from the Utah University. According to him, the safest age interval to get married in if you want to avoid divorce is between 28 and 32 years of age.

 We tend to agree with the second theory. From statistics, many get married at 30 and enjoy many years of happiness. 30 is a round and beautiful number to start a new life. Of course, problems exist, but they tend to become more manageable as we mature, because we gain more experience on how to tackle them.

 What we recommend you, especially if you want to discover the right age to get married, is to follow the principles listed below. Even if you didn’t find the love of your life, and you are still searching, the following principles could guide your path and help you take a well-informed decision regarding marriage.

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       What is The Best Age to get Married – 4 Principles to Follow!

     1. Get to Know Yourself Inside Out.

 The most important principle to follow when looking to get married is to discover what you really want in life. Try to identify your personal values and discover your shortcomings. Be true to yourself and try to see yourself as you really are, good and bad.

 Being too negative about your shortcomings won’t help. For example, if you’ve done some mistakes in your past, and you have lost people you cared about, do not be too hard on yourself. We all make mistakes. What’s important is to know how to improve in your next relationship.

 A crucial aspect of knowing yourself is strongly related to your preferences in terms of your future spouse. If you are a guy, what would you like your wife to be? On the other hand, if you are a girl, how would you like your knight in shining armor to behave with you? There is no right or wrong answer. We all are unique, and we have certain preferences.

 Know yourself inside out and find out exactly what you want from your future spouse. For example, if you want him or her to own a property or to have a car, you should probably look for people over 25 years of age, or you could search for someone with rich parents.

 Or maybe you only want guy or girl with sense of humor and spirit of adventure. If that’s the case, you should probably look for someone younger.

     2. Get to Trust Your Partner.

 If you are already in a relationship, and you want to get married, it’s important to be 100% sure that this is the person you want to spend your life with. This is mandatory if you both are under 21. At that age, we tend to make a lot of mistakes.

 Communicate with your partner and try to set up certain ground rules. You can be married at 21 and enjoy a happy marriage, but you will probably struggle financially in the first few years of marriage. Moreover, you might not afford to get the wedding of your dreams. If financial stability is key for you, you should probably wait a few more years.

     3. Live Together for a Period of Time.

 Now this might seem like a stretch in some cases, but the best way to see how another person behaves at home is to live with him. A person is quite different in private than they are in public. Try to put your money together and see how you are managing to survive. Money is the main reason for fights and divorces for most couples, so try to tackle this aspect as soon as possible in your marriage.

     4. Go to Premarital Counseling.

 Ultimately, if all is good, and you seem to be doing just fine, you should overcome one last hurdle, which is premarital counseling. A counselor can help you find spots that need to fixed in your relationship, plus it can help push your relationship through certain pain points.

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     The Bottom Line.

 So, what is the best age to get married? Each of us need to answer that question on their own. We personally believe the best age is between 28 and 32 years of age, because that’s when we are grown up, and we already have a lot of experience in life. Plus, we are financially independent, and we also have some assets/properties we own.

 However, you need to get married at the precise moment you are ready and only after you are sure you’ve found the love of your life.

     Good luck in building family happiness!

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