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Why Is Psychology Important in Our Daily Lives?

Psychology of behavior of young people in a large company

 Psychology is a part of everyone’s life as everyone has a brain that influences your behavior based on your own actions and also deeper less noticeable influences on your action. The word ‘psychology’ stands for the field of research that studies the link between the human mind and human behavior.

 If you manage to learn how the basic psychology of the average person works and then use it to your advantage you will see big improvements in what you get done and the overall quality of your day-to-day life.

 In this article, we are going to explore why psychology is important in our daily lives and gives you some advice on how you can use it for your benefit.

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     What Are the Factors That Affect Your Psychology?

 Despite psychology being a study of the mental processes that influence your daily lives, in fact, the majority of the main factors that influence your overall psychology are external actions that you take yourself which majority people are surprised actually have an impact.

     Below we are going to list a few of the major such factors:

  • Smoking, apart from being bad for your physical health and a big contributor to various cancers in multiple parts of your body. It has been proven thanks to research that smoking is bad for your mental health due to the chemicals used in the cigarettes such as Nicotine to make addictive, and also Propylene Glycol used to stop the tobacco leaf inside the cigarette from drying up. These chemicals and preservatives produce toxins when burned which can lead to the development of schizophrenia with smokers being three times more likely to develop this mental illness. However, the biggest damage to your mental health is due to the nicotine stimulant, while smoking a lot of people will feel relaxed for a short period of time but after 15 to 30 minutes this feeling goes away and people are left with the feeling that they are originally trying to suppress by smoking which may be depression, anxiety and stress. Apart from that, smoking is a very expensive habit, which will add even more stress caused by money worries.

Girl smokes

  • Exercise, when you exercise your body releases chemicals called endorphins which are proven to help reduce stress and best of all they are produced by your body so are totally safe unlike over the counter opioids that are marketed for dealing with the same problems. This is key as statistics show done in the 21st century less and less people are walking to recommended 10,000 steps a day and instead spending most of their time sitting in front of a desk at work and then spending the rest of their time at home sitting on their sofa in front of the television.

Man and woman run through the forest

  • Relationships, the quality of the relationships that you have which can include romantic relationships as well as friendships and family relations are very important to your mental health. For example, if you have bad experiences with people that you had trusted, it can make you less trusting of people in the future and alter other characteristics of your psychology. It is true that you cannot have control over how people treat you, but you can have control over whether you continue to have some sort of relationship with those people. So if you see any red flags in how people treat, then it is best that you just end or at least minimize your contact with them.

Loving couple hugging at sunset

  • Sleep, getting your recommended 7 hours of sleep, is a must if you want to be mentally healthy. Sleep does not just help your body recover physically, but also mentally as. For example, studies show that on average students that do not have enough sleep with perform worse on exams with their brain not able to recall the information that they have learned. Also, the exhaustion that results from a lack of sleep has been noted to contribute to depression as you will feel physically drained, which will not help with keeping you motivated and positive.

Man is sleeping sweetly

  • Diet, related to having the recommended levels of exercise throughout the day, it is also important that you eat healthily. This is not just because it helps you stay in shape but also because people that do not consume food and drink that are good for them subconsciously know that what they are doing is not good which can contribute to them feeling stressed, depressed and also potentially feeling anxiety over their appearance.

Married couple drinks healthy fruit cocktail

     Why Is Psychology Important in Our Daily Lives?

 One of the main reasons why psychology is so important in our daily lives is, so we have a better grasp of what we have to do in order to be productive and more importantly happy. Majority of people do not think objectively about themselves, but instead find themselves doing things that provide short-term gratification rather than helping them in the long term. Some examples of this is people who are feeling down because of their job or relationship status may eat unhealthy foods, drink, smoke and take part in unproductive activities such as playing video games all day.

 A good piece of advice related to your mental health is to consider your action from a third-person perspective, which means that you should imagine that you are not judging yourself, but instead you are judging another person.

 This will help you be more objective and prevent you from using your own excuses to justify your actions. This is a common strategy recommended by many psychologists as a form of solo psychological therapy session. Also, maybe you want to know – 20 Signs of Female Jealousy.

 Understanding why others around you act like that is also another reason why psychology is important in peoples day to day lives, it is a key skill used by many of the world’s most successful people such as business people and also politicians. Humans are classed as ‘tribalistic by nature’ meaning that they are not species that live life by themselves in most cases, but instead they interact and work with tens of thousands of people throughout their lives. By knowing how they can act around those people can be extremely beneficial for every single person, regardless of what their current occupation is or what their ultimate aims are.

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