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What Is Family Happiness and How Does It Affect Us?

Happy married couple with a child

 At this point in life, most of us have a clear understanding that most things in life cannot bring real happiness. A lot of those, who focus solely on making money or gaining power, don’t seem to be happy and complete. Even worse, they may feel miserable all the time and cannot enjoy the comfortable life they’ve managed to build for themselves.

 On the other hand, it seems that family happiness is the ultimate source of happiness for most of us. People agree that being part of an active family, being loved and cared for, provides a unique sense of belonging and meaning into our lives. It looks as if our Creator made us like this. God made us to love and be loved, to connect with each other and enjoy fellowship with each other.

 Of course, this doesn’t mean that money and success are not important. Having financial wealth is crucial, because it enables us to live more comfortable lives. However, when we prioritize money and fame over family and personal interaction with others, we are missing out a lot.

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     What Actually is Family Happiness?

 The family is the most important institution of the society. The relationship between the two parents and the children is a safe haven. When each member of the family feels valued and appreciated, the family grows stronger.

 Of course, the most important members of the family are the parents. When they have a strong relationship and are happy together, they’ll be able to create a secure environment for kids to grow in. The most important bonding factor in a family is availability and presence. Thus, it is crucially for parents to invest as much time as possible in connecting with their kids.

 Family happiness is comprised of small things that the family enjoys together. For example, when the toddler starts speaking for the first time or makes the first few steps, that’s when family happiness reveals itself. Another example is when the father manages to land a great position or become accepted in a joint partnership. That’s when the whole family rejoices, not just because of the financial rewards, but also because of the success of one family member.

  You see, family is so much more than just blood relationship. It is about companionship, about creating an environment of peace and protection.

Happy couple on a yacht

     How to Dramatically Increase your Family Happiness?

 Below are some key points you should be aware of if you want to enjoy a cheerful, loving family where members support and protect each other.

  1. Sing together: although this might seem weird for some families, others will immediately recognize how beneficial it is for them to sing together. Even if it’s just a commercial song like “We will rock you” or any other fun song, singing together gets you closer together. You can even create your own song and dance to it. Simply have fun, be a little crazier, and notice how the bonds between your family members begin to strengthen.
  2. Enjoy some unique cuddle time: cuddling time is an exceptional way to strengthen your family, especially if you have small children. Remember, you can never overdose on hugs and kisses. Spend time snuggling together on your sofa, watching a new movie. This kind of activity helps you relax, unwind and create a safe environment for kids.
  3. Have some fun time: while it’s necessary for each member of the family to focus on his own activities, such as job, school and so on, you should also encourage your children to have as much fun as possible. Too much emphasis on achieving results in life can create stress and can put too much strain on you as a family. Host surprise parties, play new games, explore a place in the woods, take long walks together and be creative by trying out new things together.
  4. Go for healthy habits: as parents, it is mandatory to teach your children to stay away from a dangerous lifestyle that includes too much junk foods, sodas or too much TV. A happy family is also a healthy family. You need to exercise together and cook healthy food. Also try to replace the standard movie snacks and pizza with healthier alternatives, such as nuts, dried fruits, veggies & natural fruits.
  5. Reward good behavior: if you want to enjoy a truly happy family where everyone lives life at its fullest without hiding things from others, you need to focus more on rewarding good behavior than punishing bad behavior. This is especially true for kids. Reward them for the good things they’ve done instead of punishing them for the failures they’ve committed.
  6. Appreciate each other: this tip goes hand in hand with the previous one. You need to appreciate one another and help one another if you want to leverage the benefits of family happiness for you. Use little things to showcase your love and appreciation for each other. For example, children can clean their rooms from time to time, while parents can buy kids new toys without being asked.
  7. Lead by example: to have a happy family, remember that it falls under the parents’ responsibility to be an example for their children. Kids tend to copy the behavior of parents, so if they see you are loving your spouse and cherishing him or her, they will also want to love their younger/older brothers.
  8. Get to the next level: family happiness is different from family to family. You need to find those activities and hobbies that hold you together as a family. If you make a practice to pray before each meal, do not forget to say grace when eating together. If you love watching movies together, do not work overtime Friday nights, so you can spend quality time with your family.

Happy family with two children

 Grow your relationship and discover new interesting ways to tap into your family happiness. In the end, by being a happy family, you’ll be able to acquire skills that no one could steal in this lifetime. You’ll also set a straight path for your children, so they’ll end up having happy marriages of their own.

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