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Personal Space in the Family

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 Conceiving children is one thing, however, forging a real family where everyone is happy and trusts each other is another thing. It is very important for all kinds of parents including future, new and parents with older children to be educated properly on how to be a good parent, so they can avoid costly and painful mistakes.

 In this article, we are going to be providing you with advice on personal space in the family as well as why it is important and as a parent; you need to strike the right balance when respecting it.

  1. Do Not Try to Control People.

 Being a parent can be very stressful, and you may feel at times, especially if you are inexperienced that the only way for you to make sure that your children are well-educated is to control them like some kind of pet or possession.

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 This is a very terrible approach that in reality does not make any sense, as you cannot be there to control your family members every single second of the day instead all that will happen is that your family members will get better at concealing reality and lying to you.

 This also applies to your wife and husband, just because you may have been in a relationship or have married them does not mean that you have the right to control them instead you just need to have trust in your family members that they will do the right thing.

  1. Allow Your Family Members to Enjoy Themselves.

 Your family members are not robots, like every person they need some enjoyment and downtime in their life as no one can work all day every day as at the end of the day, what is the point of life you are not able to do something that you like doing.

 A lot of parents may get angry when their children or partner is doing something that they deem as unproductive such as playing video games or watching television however you also need to understand that even if you do try and stop them taking part in such activities they will likely do it in secret or waste their time in other ways.

  1. Being Mean Doesn’t Achieve Anything.

 It is key to respect personal space however you need to have respect for individuals in the first place; there are good ways to do things and bad ways to do things.

 When interacting with people you need to treat them well and be respectful to them even if you happen to be telling them off or being in some kind of argument.

Lovely family with two children

 By being mean and invading the personal space of your family members you will just push them away and make things much harder for your family to function properly. You also need to ask yourself if the way that you are treating your family members and invading their personal space is how you would want them to also treat you.

  1. Do Not View Yourself as Superior.

 One of the worst things that you can do is allow yourself to develop a superiority complex where you madly start to believe that you are better than your family members in some kind of way which is why we had to feature this point in our personal space in the family article.

 Every person is different; all of them have things that they happen to excel at as well as their insecurities and deep-rooted issues.

 If you want to be the head or part of a family you, therefore, have to be a cohesive part of the entire unit and rather than trying to offend people or force your rule upon them, you should rather conduct productive discussions with them where you can get to the bottom of the issue and agree on a solution.

  1. Strike the Right Balance.

 As with everything in life you need to strike the right balance as a parent or guardian, although you need to hold responsibility and have control in order to make sure for example your children are doing their homework and doing well at school which will increase the chances of them having a better life you also need to make sure that you do not step over the line by invading the personal space of your family.

 In such a situation it is key to hold a discussion with the family members that you are experiencing issues with, so you can come to an arrangement to tackle the problem rather than you going in headfirst and trying to give orders when you likely are not informed about the real situation.

  1. Don’t Take out Your Anger and Frustration on Family Members.

 There will be very difficult and frustrating moments in your life, but you should never take out your anger out on your family members and loved ones because they have done nothing to deserve it.

 In a lot of cases, angry parents will in the heat of the moment start to tell off their kids or have a short fuse where they will quickly get angry and start a confrontation with their family and disrespect the personal space of their family. Regardless of why you are feeling angry, you should instead take some time to think about the situation, which will allow you to come down.

 It is also additionally beneficial to take out a sport or an exercise regime with research showing that taking part in physical activities helps to relieve stress.

  1. As Your Children Get Older, Their Needs Change.

 As the majority of children get older their needs, as well as wants, will gradually change, for example, when your children are very young, they will need you and most likely want you by their side pretty much all the time that you are together.

 There is, in fact, nothing wrong with that, but it is essential for parents to understand that over time their children will likely want a lot more privacy, personal space, and freedom as they get older, and they have the right to it.

Image of parents with their children at sunset

 As with a lot of other aspects of running a loving family, communication is key. Rather than guessing what your family members want, instead, you should promote healthy communication where all members of the family are free and not scared to speak their minds.

  1. Be the Shoulder to Fall On.

 A big reason why personal space in the family is often compromised by parents and family members is simply that they love their family members, and they want the best for them. However, people will never learn if they don’t get ‘burned’ as the saying goes.

 You can’t protect your family members from the negative aspects of the world around us, so there is no point trying to.

 Instead, what you have to do is make sure that you respect their personal privacy and that you let your family members know that if they ever need someone to talk to or someone to help them out in a time of difficulty that you will be there to do so.

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