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Why Does a Man Leave His Family?

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 Marriages suffer because of lack of communication, periods of unhappiness and conflict or disagreement. But these problems are usually short-lived and couples manage to resolve their issues and go back to living a normal, happy life. However, there can be much bigger problems that sometimes force a man to leave his family and find solace somewhere else.

 Infidelity being the top reason for a failed marriage, there are many other factors that actually lead to bigger problems like these. Maybe the man himself is not being able to satisfy his spouse completely and that is why she had to look at other options in the first place.

 Why does a man leave his family is a debate that needs meticulous insight before jumping to a conclusion. And this is what we are going to find out in this article.

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 Men usually leave their families because of another woman. They either feel they are not being appreciated or there are many conflicting areas in their relationship. Disagreements and clashes happen in every marriage, but most couples resolve their issues through understanding and empathy. However, when these two ingredients are not present in a relationship, it is bound to suffer sooner or later.

 Both partners deserve to be respected and celebrated for their achievements. But men are usually more in need of this kind of appreciation than women and therefore when they don’t receive it; they start thinking about leaving their family and starting a new life with someone else.

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     Why Does a Man Leave His Family?

 It’s a very difficult decision for a man to leave his family, but there are some circumstances under which he is left with no other choice. Let’s look at some of these reasons that make a man consider this mind-boggling decision.

  1. His Partner Might be Cheating on Him.

 If a man finds out or even suspects that his wife is having an affair, he will be compelled to check out sooner or later. While women are more understanding when it comes to infidelity, men consider it terminal. They simply can’t tolerate that their wife cheated on them, even if she comes back and asks for forgiveness.

 We have seen countless examples where marriages end because the woman was found guilty of having an affair. Women could give their cheating partners another chance, but men won’t.

  1. He is Not Ready/Willing to Take Responsibility.

 While this is rare, it does happen in some parts of the world where men are not brought up to take responsibility of their family. He might have been forced into getting married, and he takes his revenge by not looking after his wife and children or not supporting them financially.

Surprised man looks at the correspondence in the mobile phone of his wife

 Eventually, such a marriage is bound to be a failure. If a man is not ready or willing to marry a certain woman, he must not be forced into it. At times, a man is not mentally mature enough to get married and settle down. In such a situation, too, his family may suffer from his lack of interest in the whole thing.

  1. He is Not Satisfied with His Sex Life.

 Men who complain that sex is dull and monotonous often mean that their partner doesn’t find them attractive anymore. It might have been like this all along, but now they can’t take it anymore. They would want to walk out if they feel their sex life is not fulfilling.

 Men who are not being able to satisfy their partners sexually always live under the fear that their wife would leave them sooner or later. It is something that forces them to make big decisions about their relationship.

  1. He Feels as if He is Only One who is Making Sacrifices.

 Marriage is a give-and-take relationship, and it doesn’t work if one of the partners doesn’t recognize the other’s needs and desires. A man would be compelled to call off a relationship if his partner does not empathize with him.

Image of man and woman standing with their backs to each other at sunset

 He simply can’t tolerate it if his wife is not interested in any of the problems they might be facing as a family. This hopelessness proves to be very toxic for this relationship and eventually eats it up.

  1. His Partner Makes No Effort to Re-Kindle the Romance.

 Men may appear to be very strong and immovable; they are always in need or search of a woman’s company to feel complete. A man would only leave a woman to live with another woman. In a marriage, the romance often fades away because of bigger responsibilities and problems, but that doesn’t mean it has to come to an end.

 Partners make every effort to renew that spark they once felt for each other only to save their marriage and feel fulfilled and happy. But if the woman continuously feels uninterested, the man would eventually want to check out and find happiness elsewhere.


 Marriage can be a hard commitment for both partners. They have to sacrifice a lot to make this relationship work. This hard work is beneficial for both partners in the long run. They are better off financially, they get to live with their kids and most of all they live a happy and fruitful life. But sometimes this relationship doesn’t seem to work for either of the partners.

Image of a family and their children

 While women are generally seen struggling to make it work, men are considered to be more independent when it comes to calling it off. They simply can’t get over the thought of another man “with” their wife.

 Women, on the other hand, may forgive their partner if he was being unfaithful at some point during their relationship. That is why in some jurisdictions, men are allowed to marry multiple times, while women can only stay with one partner at a time.

 In this post, we have discussed several other reasons why does a man leave his family. Some men might never leave their family no matter what happens, but generally all men need reassurance that they are in a fruitful and rewarding relationship.

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