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How to Improve Family Relationships?

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 Families, love them or hate them, they are still are family. Often we do not have the choice of simply ignoring the family members that we may not be getting along with that well. After all, there is no way that you can ignore them at family functions, instead, it is better to reach a more amicable level and even sort out all of your problems.

 It is important to address such issues in your family in a calm and thoughtful way which will increase the chances of the problems being resolved.

 In this article, we are going to be answering the question of how to improve family relationships.

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     Be Nice to Each Other.

 The first step in fixing your broken relationship is to start being nice to each other. It may seem obvious; however, many individuals for some reason do not carry it out. You cannot expect to be, for example, gossiping about someone and then at the same time expect to not have any quarrels with them when you meet face to face.

 Taking such an action can be especially hard if the other party does not happen to be treating you in a good way. However, you should take the initiative and sort out your behavior in a way where you are not mistreating other people.

 Eventually, they will see that you are acting in a much nicer way, and may potentially also alter their behavior. This will help to decrease the tension, which will make it easier to resolve the situation.


 In every single relationship, no matter if it is a romantic one or one with your relatives; you should be having quality communication. Quality communication is not simply greeting each other or having small talk. It is about sitting down together and talking honestly to each other about both the good and the bad.

Image of a married couple and two children

 Such a habit is actually quite easy to take part in, but what is difficult is that it takes a lot of hard work to keep up. It is important to have consistent quality communication with each other, as this will help to keep things going and to iron out any differences that will naturally develop.

 As a family, it may be a good idea to have such talks together as it may be time-consuming having one on one conversations with every single one of your relatives.

     Deal With Stress.

 Stress is something that may be causing you to act out of character. Apart from being bad for your physical health, as it can lead to high blood pressure which damages many of your organs, it can also make people act very moody.

 If you are finding yourself feeling constantly down and not being able to cope with interacting with others then you may be dealing with high levels of stress.

 There is no way to ignore stress; it is a serious condition that is often associated with depression. Stress can lead to severe anger that ends up destroying the relationships with the people that you love and are truly dear to your life.

 A good idea is to find stress relief such as playing a sport or doing meditation which are both some of the many proven ways to relieve stress in order not to take things out on your loved ones.

     Stop Interfering.

 An important answer to the question of how to improve family relationships is to stop interfering in the lives of your relatives.

 You may in your opinion have what is best in mind for your loved ones, however, once they become adults it may be best to provide them with the freedom that they want. One of the easiest ways to sour your relations is to start acting like a dictator over the lives of your loved ones.

It can be hard for parents to get used to this new reality once their children become adults. However, it is a natural part of your life. Disagreement is not a problem, what is a problem is not respecting the views of other and their life decisions.

 However, you shouldn’t become scared about sharing your worries or opinions. But at the same time should try to enforce them over others.

     Try Not to Judge.

 Judging other people is very easy! But it is also not the right thing to do. Often, conflict occurs between relatives that do not happen to be immediate family. Immediate family is anyone who is not your parent, sibling.

 Children and spouses, although it can also include any other relative that you live with. Other relatives, such as your cousins, you may not have a lot of close contact with. But instead, just see each other a couple of times a year at the most.

Joyful family at a festive table in a restaurant

 Your family members may not be as good-looking as you or successful, but this is not a reason to treat them in a bad way. This can lead to a lot of resentment between the two parties involved, which can be very hard to overcome.

 Therefore, if you are judging others you should become more understanding, or if you are witnessing mistreatment conducted by other parties you should try to provide some advice to those involved to stop.

     Seek Professional Help.

 There is nothing embarrassing or shameful about seeking professional help from a relationship counselor or psychiatrist who can help you to identify the issues and also why you are feeling the way you are. Trauma can build up, and it can be hard to overcome in a constructive way that will lead to a positive resolution.

 The cost of this may put off many relatives, and therefore it is important that before you decide to take up such a costly endeavor that you are sure that you and the loved ones involved are really interested in doing this and being honest during the counseling sessions.

 Moreover, this is not a quick and permanent fix; instead, it is a way to guide yourself and others in the right direction to overcome the issues that you are experiencing.

     Keep Your Distance if Needed.

 We have addressed a number of effective solutions in this article about how to improve family relationships. One of the most important pieces of advice we have left until the end.

 Just because you happen to be related to someone, it doesn’t automatically mean that you will get on with them. Sometimes it is better to identify that you are two incompatible people and move on with your lives.

In the situation that you are simply incompatible with another relative, after trying multiple times to build a strong bond, it is best to just keep things civil and maintain contact only during the few family events of the year.

 There is nothing wrong with such an arrangement, it will remove any tensions and not put your other loved ones in the situation of having to choose sides.

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