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How Does Society Affect the Family?

Image of a happy family with three children

 Pretty much every person in the world lives in some sort of society. Families are often cited as a direct reflection of the society that they are based in. The term society is used to describe a group of people that work and interact with each other. A family is a small group of people within the larger group that is society.

 In this article, we are going to explore the question of how does society affect the family?

     Acceptable Family Structures.

 The way that a family unit is structured is heavily influenced by the society that we happen to find ourselves in. In most of the world until the mid-20th century. There was a giant stigma associated with divorce and single parents.

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 Since then, things have gradually changed. It is now very common in most developed countries for people to divorce or to bring up their children alone.

 In addition, blended families are also more commonplace. A blended family is made up of parents that have children with another partner. The effects of this are not just superficial. They also go a long way towards reducing domestic violence.

 Also ensuring that the children are brought up in a peaceful and caring home where they do not have to witness their parents constantly arguing.

     How Long Do Children Live With Their Parents?

 In large cities, it has become much more normal for children to continue living with their parents until their thirties or even later age. The main culprit for this is rising living costs. As the majority of people now find themselves in the same situation, it is no longer a source of embarrassment for people not to have their own place.

Image of a large family at a festive dinner

 On the other hand, in some Asian cultures, it is a tradition for children to live with their parents until they have married. Therefore, in those parts of the world, it will be perceived as strange for offspring not to be living with their parents.

 At the same time, this situation is also slowly becoming more tolerant due to the need for kids to move in order to get a better-paying job.

     Roles in the Family.

 Society also plays a powerful part in designating the roles within the household. In more conservative societies and also societies where religion is very influential.

 It is very common for women to not have a great deal of control over household-related decisions and even her own life-choices. Furthermore, in more democratic societies where feminism has had a greater impact. Women are also expected to have a more equal say.

 Family roles in the household are also not just limited to which parent has influence when making decisions. It is also important in the individual commitments of the relatives.

 For example, are there gender-specific roles or is it acceptable for both genders to carry out the same tasks if they are able to. Stigma and societal norms play an important part in how people act. If, for example, it is acceptable or not strongly stigmatized for people to litter. Then more individuals would do it.

     Life Prospects.

 When explaining how does society affect the family, it is of important that you consider life prospects. In certain societies around the world, where inequality is high and opportunities are low.

 Families of low income and that lack connections have a much lower opportunity of making a good life for themselves. This is applies the most to children, who all have their own dreams and their life ahead of them.

 Life prospects of your nearest and dearest can also be strongly affected due to prejudice. For example, a homosexual couple, may face discrimination that can affect their employment opportunities. As well as their familial assimilation in their local community.

 Another aspect of this is race and religion. Individuals can also face bigotry based on the local cultures that they are growing up in. Generally, less diverse societies tend to be more xenophobic simply due to lack of interaction with people of other ethnicities.

     Romantic Relationships.

 Moreover, the status and form of romantic relationships are also going to be determined by the regional communities that people find themselves in. In some cultures, arranged marriages are the norm. Thus, the ability to date other people may not be something realistically possible. At least without the permission of your parents or elders.

Married couple having fun with children

 In addition, certain cultures also preach that a ‘good’ relationship must have a lot of children. These cultures can be both highly religious as well non-religious. Therefore, you will find that in certain parts of the world, it is much more common for couples to have more than two children.

 The modern cultures of most developed societies do not prioritize the need for young people to marry early in life. Instead, financial stability and career are deemed as more important.

     Views About the World.

 The way parents and other members of your bloodline see the world is also mainly down to the environment where they happen to live. In some regions of the world, it is deemed acceptable for children to only consume alcohol when they turn 21 like in the United States. On the other hand, in Germany, 16-year-olds are allowed to purchase alcohol and drink in bars.

 It can also include more trivial things, such as the entertainment that kids are allowed to consume. Such as movies that criticize certain historical events, religions, contain a certain level of violence and also intimacy.

 Research shows that if your guardians have certain political beliefs. You as the offspring are much more likely to adopt them yourself in later life. In comparison to someone who has been brought up in a different setting. Other long-term consequences include minor body modifications such as circumcision.

     The ‘Ideal’ Family.

 When thinking about, how does society affect the family? The concept of the ‘ideal’ family unit must be highlighted. Every distinct part of the world will have their own criteria for what this actually is.

 For example, in some parts of the world, it is seen as ideal to have more girls than boys. The reason for this is that the parents will traditionally receive betrothal gifts before the marriage. Contrarily, in other parts of the world it is seen better to have boys. Since they are seen as being able to earn much more. Which is useful for supporting the relatives once they retire.

 Furthermore, certain communities will value the success of relatives and having material success. Regardless of what the so-called ideal family is, where you reside. What is the most important is that your families are healthy and happy.

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