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What Are The 10 Qualities of Family Strength?

Joyful couple playing with children outdoors

 The family is at the very heart of human society. The state of the family will reflect on that of society. It is the quality of the human beings that make a family. This message was given by Ashley Montagu, a British-American anthropologist who popularized the study of topics such as race and gender.

 When we study – What are the 10 qualities of family strength? We must therefore consider human qualities primarily the qualities of the individual.

     Let’s Look at The 10 Qualities of Family Strength!

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     1. Within The Family, There Have to be Clear Boundaries.

 Every member of a family should think about what personal space the other family members (including themselves) are entitled to and should avoid crossing that line. If a family member crosses that line, then there should be calm, rational discussion to discuss the situation.

     2. Children Are Kept Out of Husband/Wife Arguments.

 There are always going to be times when the husband and wife disagree. Hopefully, they will conduct that argument in a calm and rational way and resolve it as soon as possible. What must be avoided is seeking to bring other family members into the fight on one side or the other, thus extending the conflict. If a conflict between the parents occurs, a strong family will not put the children into the position of having to choose sides. They will never ask their children to spy on the other parent. Each parent will avoid blaming each other for the conflict; they will speak in a positive way about the other parent.

     3. Spiritual Well-Being.

 A spiritually healthy individual is confident about their own purpose in the universe, and they are able to see how events relate to that purpose. It is not necessarily connected with any religious views, although they can be a way that this spiritual well-being is channeled. If all, or a majority, of the people within a family can achieve this then it will have a huge effect on relationships.

     4. Relationships Within The Family Are Seen as Important.

 It is important that members of the family see the importance of maintaining healthy relationships within the family and that they seek to promote this. If one or two family members fail to understand this and have no strong emotional ties with the family, then the family structure is at risk.

     5. Enjoyable Time Together.

 When considering, what are the 10 qualities of family strength? It is essential to remember that to be healthy, a family needs to have fun sometimes. There must be positive reinforcement about the value of family by connecting happy memories with the family. A strong family will allow time for family activities. Enjoying times together is essential for creating positive memories and to build self-esteem and a good character. It is interesting to note that in many surveys, when children were asked what they really wanted from their parents, the same answer came up. That answer was “Time”; children want “Time” from their parents.

Happy family and two joyful children

     6. There is Open Communication Among All Family Members.

 A family that does not talk cannot resolve difficulties and will gradually break apart. There must always be open communication between family members. If there are disputes between members of the family, they must discuss them in a kind and considered way. If they cannot come to an agreement on that issue, then they should just acknowledge their differences and continue to talk on other matters.

     7. Conflict Must be Allowed Within a Family.

 Being part of a family does not mean having to agree with everything that other family members do and say. If a family member disagrees on an in issue, then having a discussion about that issue is healthy as long as it remains calm. If after discussing it they family members cannot agree, then they should just put it away and have another rational decision, another time.

 If conflict does occur, the family will not try to suppress it, that is not healthy, Instead the family will openly state what the problem is and decide which family members need to work together to provide a solution. Of course, the family will set certain rules for how this is to be done, and the family will suggest solutions.

     8. Successful Management of Stress and Crisis.

 It is a lucky family that goes through life without ever having a crisis or stressful events. A strong family will have mechanisms for dealing with these difficult times. Family members will work together to overcome the problems as a unified whole. A crisis can be a death in the family, addiction, a family member being called for military duty, unemployment, there are so many possible crisis situations that a family can face. Those families that pull together in these circumstances and support each other are the strong families.

     9. Family Members Have an Attitude of Service Toward One Another and Others.

 Families that care about one another will want to serve one another. That might sound an odd expression, but it simply means that the family members will want to help and assist other family members.

Mom, dad and daughter spending time together

     10. Families Are Dynamic and Can Change.

 Over the years families can and will change. The interaction between family members and the roles they play in the family will develop according to circumstances. The parents that once nurtured and cared for the children will age and require assistance of their children. The next generation will start to lead the family, allowing the parents to relax and take a more backseat role. Deaths will occur, family members may be widowed or become informed. A healthy family will deal with these changes smoothly and sympathetically.

 Maybe you recognize some of these qualities within your own family, or possibly, you recognize something that can be worked on. There are rarely cases where it is too late to make repairs to the family structure. Families can change.

 We hope you found this look at what are the 10 qualities of family strength? It is interesting. Hopefully, you also found it useful, and we hope you enjoy considering these points in the future.

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