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Woman’s Day Celebrates 17th Annual Red Dress Awards, New York City, USA, 2020 year

Betty Boop and Betsey Johnson - Woman's Day Celebrates 17th Annual Red Dress Awards, New York

 The Woman’s Day 17th Annual Red Dress Awards New York 2020 happened on the February in the city of New York, the event is a meeting place for celebrities, activists and everyday people to get together and celebrate the progress that women have made in the world as well as discuss how they can contribute to make the world a more equal place.

 Additionally, the event is used by ongoing women who are sufferers and survivors of deadly illnesses such as breast cancer and Rett syndrome, however, the main illness that this event makes awareness for and raises money is heart disease.

     Celebrities That Attended This Event.

 Hundreds of individuals attended the 17th Annual Red Dress Awards; the small scale awards evening was made up of the VIP tables that were mostly occupied by famous and influential people despite this normal people could still pay for the expensive VIP table tickets and have the chance to interact with the celebrities on that particular night.

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 The night was full of performances by singers, comedians as well as many speeches, what sets this award evening from the others attending by celebrities is that it honors sufferers of heart disease and also the people working hard to provide treatment for the individuals affected by the illness.

   Below we have included a list of some of the celebrities who attended the event:

  • Betty Boop & Betsey Johnson, Johnson is a well-known female fashion designer who attended the 17th annual event with a person dressed as the cartoon character Betty Boop who was invented in the 1930s and remains iconic to this day. Betsey Johnson is a survivor of breast cancer herself and has attended this event multiple times.

Betty Boop and Betsey Johnson - 17th Annual Red Dress Awards, New York, USA

  • Sutton Foster, a well-known American theater performer who is the winner of two Tony Awards for best leading actress in a musical, Foster has also appeared on numerous television shows.
  • Kate Chastain, a model and reality show personality that is best known for starring in the reality television show Below Deck, which is about a group of strangers working as a crew team on a mega yacht.

Sutton Foster and Kate Chastain at the 17th Annual Red Dress Awards, New York City, USA

  • Joy Bauer, a doctor who is a host and nutritional expert on the television show Health & Happiness, which is a show where people go on and are assisted with whatever medical condition they are suffering from.
  • Kate Pierson, best known for being a founding member of the American band ‘The B-52s’, today Pierson works as a songwriter at a number of leading record labels.

Joy Bauer and Kate Pierson at the 17th Annual Red Dress Awards, New York City

  • Cindy Wilson, another member of the B-52s band alongside Pierson, Wilson is a passionate campaigner for the eradication of currently hard to treat illness as her brother died from HIV in the mid-1980s.
  • Susan Spencer, a television host, and journalist who is best known for being the reporter for the true-crime documentary show 48 Hours Mystery as well as being a news anchor on CBS Sunday Morning.

Cindy Wilson and Susan Spencer - Annual Red Dress Awards, New York, 2020 year

  • Jackie Goldschneider, a reality television star from The Real Housewives of New Jersey which is particularly popular in the states of New Jersey and New York which is where this event was held.
  • Nancy Brown, not much of a celebrity but for sure an influential person in the fight to improve the success of treatments for heart disease, Brown is the current CEO of the American Heart Association which is a charitable organization that raises money for research and awareness for the illness.

Jackie Goldschneider and Nancy Brown - Woman's Day Celebrates 17th Annual Red Dress Awards, New York City, USA

     Charitable Practices and Fundraising.

 This is a non-profit event with all money that is leftover from the cost of setting up the events in the first place going to the chosen charitable causes that with the majority of the money going heart disease-related charities.

 The first major income source for this event is selling the different types of tickets to the public. The most expensive tickets are the ones on the VIP tables as well as the ones that are in the mosh pit in front of the stage where the performances take place.

 There is also another income source that is pretty unique to this event, and that is the selling of the dresses worn there by the celebrities in attendance.

 The dress code for every Woman’s Day 17th Annual Red Dress Awards New York even is red all over, and the weeks following the events you will see the dresses being donated and sold at auctions where all the proceeds going to charity.

     Where Was the 17th Annual Red Dress Awards Held?

 The 17th annual incarnation of the Woman’s Day 17th Annual Red Dress Awards was hosted at the Columbus Circle venue, which is located in upper west Manhattan in New York. The venue is named after the Italian explorer Christopher Columbus, who is credited as being the first European to re-discover the Americas continents for hundreds of years.

 The venue is located next to Central Park, which is the most famous mark in New York and arguably the United States, making it a very prestigious and upmarket venue for any event. In total, the venue is able to hold a maximum of 500 people at the same time, with the Columbus Circle venue also coming with its own dedicated bar and kitchen team.

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