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Animal League America’s 2019 Annual Gala, New York, USA

Howard Stern, Beth Stern, Joshua Radin - Animal League America's 2019 Annual Gala, New York, USA

 The Animal League America’s 2019 annual gala took place at the Pier Sixty at the Chelsea Piers in New York. The event saw a large number of celebrities from New York converge, accompanied by their own pets or by rescue puppy dogs that they could care for during the gala event.

 Favorite readers, in this article, we are going to be delving into this event and telling you everything that you need to know about it.

     Who Are the Animal League?

 The Animal League whose official name is the ‘North Shore Animal League America’ is a non-profit organization that specializes in rescuing animals and putting the animals for adoption either to households or on rare occasions to zoos if the animals happen to be exotic or dangerous to untrained owners. This animal organization has pledged to never put down any animals unless it is for medical reasons to stop the animal suffering.

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 Since being founded in the year 1944, the organization estimates that it has saved the lives of over 1 million animals with the Animal League being one of the world’s largest ‘no-kill rescue and adoption’ centers in the world. The organization relies on donations to keep operating and it, therefore, organizes various campaigns and events including the Animal League America’s 2019 annual.

 Every year they are estimated that they save at least 20,000 pets from being put down, as well as administering tens of thousands of vaccinations for free to both homeless pets and also pets with owners that cannot afford to pay for the vaccinations.

     What Celebrities Attended This Gala?

 This annual gala was attended by many of New York’s most successful and famous people who have all come out for free to help raise awareness and hopefully donations from fans to this charitable organization for the welfare of animals.

 Below we have included a list of some of the celebrities who attended this gala:

  • Tamsen Fadal, an American journalist from Lebanese descent that was born in the nearby state of Massachusetts. Tamsen Fadal became famous after become the chief news anchor for a variety of television channels such as WPHG-TV, WFTV, and WOWK-TV. Apart from being a well-known television host, Fadal is also a multiple-time Emmy Award winner for her journalistic work that included her visiting areas on the east of the coast of the United States that had just been hardly hit by hurricanes.
  • Howard Stern, one of the best-known radio hosts in the United States, Stern started out in New York at an advertising agency before realizing that this was not for him and instead opting to focus on his dream of working in the radio industry. He slowly built himself up until he managed to secure a radio show on popular American radio station WNBC where he hosted for close to 20 years before the station was shut down. After that, he managed to become a television host and eventually a judge for America’s Got Talent from 2012 to 2015.
  • Jenny Hutt, a New York native, Hutt is another television host on this shortlist, she first became a household name in 2005 when she became the co-host of ‘Whatever with Alexis and Jennifer’ which lasted until 2011. Since then, Jenny Hutt has hosted a wide variety of television and radio shows.
  • Joe Gatto, known for being one of the four guys that make up the comedy and prank crew called ‘Impractical Jokers’ who have their own show that has been running for about 12 seasons now.
  • Maya Hawke, an American actress and model who despite being only 21 years old has starred in many big movies such as ‘Once Upon a Time in Hollywood’, ‘Stranger Things’ and ‘Human Capital’.

     Photo Report from the Event.

Tamsen Fadal - Animal League America's 2019 Annual Gala, New York

Guests attends the North Shore Animal League America's 2019 Annual Gala at Pier Sixty at Chelsea Piers, New York

Jennifer Hutt and Keith Hutt - Animal League America's Event, New York, USA

Elvis Duran and Alex Carr - Animal League America's 2019 Annual Gala

Joshua Radin and Danny Black - Animal League America's event, New York   

     History of the Animal League America’s Annual Gala.

 The Animal League America’s Annual Gala has been running for decades now since the beginning of the 21st century, with every year the non-profit organization behind the event inviting the biggest names in show business from New York City.

 None of the celebrity attendees get paid to attend as it is a charity gala event, however other guests who are not part of the celebrity only invite list can pay to sit on the same table and mingle amongst them during the event.

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