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Fun Event – Party Parade at SeaWorld, Orlando, Florida, USA, 2019 year

Abby Cadabby in Sesame street party parade

 The Party Parade at SeaWorld on the 5th of October 2019 delivered an action packed weekend for parents with young children as well as grown up nostalgic fans of the Sesame Street television series. Many people may be surprised that SeaWorld hosts non-marine life events such as the Sesame Street Parade, but this even has been a key part of SeaWorld for many decades now. Dear readers, in this article we are going to  be exploring this event and finding out all the interesting and fascinating aspects of it.

     Celebrities Who Attended this Event.

 No real life celebrities attended this event instead the parade featured 10 iconic characters from the famous shows including Elmo, Bernie & Bert, Big Bird, the Cookie Monster, Abby Cadabby, Count Von Count and Oscar the Grouch. Accompanying the Sesame Street characters, there was also hundreds of backup dancers, musicians and other entertainers that ensured that the event was lively and exciting the whole time.

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Cookie Monster in Sesame street party parade at Seaworld

 All of the characters were featured on the parade’s floats allowing the majority of the crowd to see them in their world-renowned costumes with spectators being able to interact with all of them. Various VIP passes were also up for sale with many perks including the ability to take pictures and take part in meet and greets with the cast themselves.

Oscar the Grouch in Sesame street party parade

 Before the parade itself, some lucky visitors with the correct passes were able to have breakfast with the famous show’s character allowing a once in lifetime of the children to get close and personal with their favorite puppets. Furthermore, there was the opportunity of a meet and greet and get your picture taking with all the characters if you have the Priority Access or the VIP Priority Access passes.

Count Von Count in halloween Sesame street party parade at Seaworld

     About the Event.

 Apart from attending the parade itself visitors also had the ability to explore Sesame Street Land at SeaWorld Orlando, where you could explore a massive Sesame Street themed neighborhood with the iconic places of the show including Hooper’s Store, Big Bird’s Nest and of course Van Count’s Castle.

Elmo in Sesame street party parade at Seaworld

 What’s more is that there was interactive locations dotted all around the fictional land for children, such as ‘Elmo’s Window’ where you could look in through Elmo’s window and dance and interact with him and his friend. Alternatively, you had ‘Yip Yip’s Mail Slot’ where children could interact and have fun by lifting up a mail slot and play along with the Yip Yip Martians themselves, and you also had the ‘Create-A-Monster’ where the young ones could let their imagination run wild and create their very own monsters from thousands of separate body parts and pieces of clothing.

 In addition, there was a story-time event where along with Big Bird at his nest, you could enjoy all of the best-selling Sesame Street titles such as ‘Ernie’s Work of Art’, ‘Time for Bed, Elmo!’ and ‘The House of Seven Colors’. After every book reading session is completed, the listeners had the opportunity to meet Big Bird and have a picture taken with her.

Bert in Sesame street party parade at Seaworld

     History of the Event.

 The event is hosted by Sesame Place, a subsidiary of SeaWorld Entertainment who are licensing the theme from the Sesame Workshop film studio owned by the PBS television network. SeaWorld’s Sesame Street entertainment subsidiary has the powerful slogan of ‘Go Before They Grow’ thus perfectly illustrating how important it is to encompass your little ones in this magical world while they still have their boundless imagination.

 Sesame Street related events have been taking part at SeaWorld resorts since the year 1980 for close to four decades now, the events take place in over 12 parks in places such as SeaWorld Orlando, SeaWorld San Diego and SeaWorld San Antonio to name just a few. The events consist of yearly parades, seasonal events and parades for example for Halloween, Christmas and Easter.

Cookie Monster in Sesame street party parade

 Furthermore, there have been many different attractions, roller coasters, water rides and other types of theme park like entertainment all targeted at the younger audiences. Sesame Place is known for constantly reinventing itself by rotating in and out characters and replacing rides and parades with newer ones to keep the entire event fresh and thus giving people an incentive to return every year.

 The very first attraction of SeaWorld’s Sesame subsidiary was designed by a team led by Canadian designer Eric McMillan and American designer Sandra Hanna. Their first attraction was a Sesame neighborhood that is now an inspiration to the many Sesame Streets found in SeaWorld resorts all over the United States.

     Good you entertainment and recreation dear readers!

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