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Who Is a Gigolo Man? 7 of Its Main Features.

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 A gigolo is a term romanticized and trivialized by the media, however, despite this, the majority of people have no idea what it actually means and what it takes to be a gigolo.

 If you do not know what the term ‘gigolo’ means then you have nothing to worry about as in this article we will thoroughly explain to you the definition of the theme as well as the seven main features of being a gigolo.

     Definition of a Gigolo.

 The definition of a gigolo is a man who is financed by a woman in return for the man being a companion to her as well as in some cases a romantic companion however this is not a requirement for someone to be a gigolo.

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  1. Good Looks.

 Being good-looking is arguably one of the most important features of a gigolo as at the end of the day, single, lonely or women that do not have any time to currently date someone will prefer someone to be interesting, but also appealing to the eye if they are going to be paying them hundreds or even thousands a month to be with them.

 It is hard to define what being good-looking is for a man as it all depends on the individual preferences of the female, however, there are a few common features such as being tall, having nice hair and being nicely groomed overall and also your facial features of course as that is one of the first things that people see. Although this may be very important a gigolo also needs to be interesting as no matter how good-looking you are if you are boring to be with you will not find any success.

  1. Able to Listen.

 A gigolo is not a piece of furniture that is left in the corner of your room to look at it, he is a companion, so he needs to be able to be a good listener which does not mean that they should just sit there and be talked at by the woman, but instead they should actually take in what they are being told and come up with adequate responses that can offer solutions or just keep the conversation naturally flowing.

 Another part of being a good listener is to ask questions when you don’t understand something that you have heard or if you have just not heard it at all, this shows the other person that you care and value what they are talking about and the conversation as a whole.

  1. Adaptable & Patient.

 Gigolos will need to meet a lot of new people from diverse backgrounds and lifestyles, and it is important to note that a gigolo’s job is to be a paid companion for someone, so there is a big chance that in the majority of the cases they will not be really interested in what the other person has to say or would be with them if they were not hired to do the job.

 If you are a gigolo your job is to provide a service to a client, and you will need to be the one adapting to them and not vice versa, this can be a lot of things such as you adapting to their level of cleanliness, to the food they like, the things on television that they like to watch and when they go to bed for example.

  1. Confident & Charming.

 The majority of gigolos are confident and charming which is very important if they want to be successful as they need to attract a woman that will be interested in hiring their services.

 This is even more important when you keep in mind that most women out there do not know what a gigolo is, and they are not actively searching for one, so a lot of the gigolos will meet a woman at a social event or out in public then get to know her and try and get her to hire him as a companion.

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 Moreover, a gigolo will also usually be taken by the woman who has hired them to social events and even family events where they will have to meet people that are important to her. Therefore, you will need to be able to converse with without any problems and leave a good impression.

  1. Emotionally Intelligent.

 Emotional intelligence is another key feature of a gigolo man, as the service you are providing in the majority of cases is just an emotional one where you are someone a woman can talk to and reveal her secrets and worries to you. A gigolo man is there to instill confidence in her and provide her with happiness by showing her that she is valued and that she has a companion to enjoy her hobbies with.

 On the other hand, a gigolo may encounter difficult moments where the woman that has hired them is not in a good mood due to a problem caused by a third party, or alternatively, they may have even got into an argument together. So, it is important to pick up on cues whether it is a good time to address something or what topics of conversation do not go down well with that particular woman.

  1. Well Dressed.

 Another factor that is part of looking good, it is great if you are naturally good-looking and if you spend hours weekly in the gym keeping fit. However, in order to be completely visually attractive, you need to be well-dressed which does not necessarily mean that you have to wear expensive clothing instead it means that a gigolo will need to spend a few hundred dollars on quality clothes good for both casual and formal events as well as the necessary knowledge on how to match his clothes to create a good outfit.

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 Furthermore, it is important to be able to look after the clothes that you have to make sure that they are not damaged and that they retain the same look in shape and color that they had when they were originally bought.

  1. A Social Butterfly.

 One of the most stereotypical features on this list, it is generally expected of a gigolo to be a social butterfly that is a regular at nightclubs and trendy social events this can be down to a lot of factors they may be looking for a new woman to hire them, but it is also down to the other characteristics of a gigolo man such as that they are usually fairly young under the age of 40 as well as being confident and good-looking which one of the main group of people that you will find at that type of events.

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