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What are the Male Characteristics?

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 Being a male is not easy, a lot of things are expected of you in how you look, act and overall live your life. You should not try to follow the stereotypical male characteristics for the sake of it or because you are worried about what other people will think about you.

 The way that the ideas behind what the ideal male characteristics are have been molded over thousands of years through stories, songs, and poems and many of those characteristics can help you be more successful in many regards in life, so in this article, we are going to be going through the key male characteristics out there.

     Leadership Qualities.

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 It is estimated that 40 to 50% of Americans identify themselves as being shy, and there is actually nothing wrong with that, being a leader does not mean that you have to jump on top of a podium and start giving passionate speeches. In fact, you do not have to be a good public speaker or particularly confident in order to have leadership qualities, which is something a lot more different than that.

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 Leadership qualities are about how you interact with people when you are a leader people will look up to you as an example of how to behave. This is important in many situations, for example if you are a parent, in charge of other colleagues at your workplace and even in a relationship.

 Sometimes it is very easy to pick on the weaker members or to behave in a way that may seem convenient at the moment but is not beneficial in any way for you and the people looking up to you.

 Being a leader also means that you need to take responsibility for what is going on around you as you are the one making decisions and giving out the orders.

 People who are not good leaders will tend to make their subordinates do the hard work for them and figure out how to solve the problems they are facing however as the leader you need to get involved and stuck in and be prepared that regardless if something goes right or wrong to take the credit. Everyone makes mistakes, and you should not be scared of making them, instead you should learn from them and improve for the future.

     Strength & Physical Appearance.

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 The typical characteristics of the perfect male physical characteristics are constantly portrayed in the media in movies and music being the modern-day driving forces behind this.

 Those ideal male characteristics are for a male to be strong and fast with athleticism typically being promoted.

 Furthermore, another key male characteristic is for a male to be tall, in the Western world the optimal height of a man being at least 6 feet or 1.83 meters.

 Admittedly, it is great to be healthy by eating food that is good for you and exercising, however, you do not have to be ripped in order to be an ideal male. Surveys carried out in the United States show that the vast majority of girls care more about the personality of a guy than whether they are in peak physical health.

 Additionally, it is extremely unhealthy to promote genetic characteristics such as height that cannot be changed or improved as ideal, being 6 foot in height does not actually change your life in any way with people not treating you any different and there not being any change to your health.

     Physical Attractiveness.

Physically attractive man lies on a water mattress

 Although slightly inappropriate this male characteristic needs to be discussed, one of the key male characteristics is physical attractiveness with the belief by many people even if subconscious being that the more successful a guy is in terms of how many partners they have had or the status and appearance of their partner the more successful they are in life and as a man.

 There is nothing wrong with being successful romantically as long as that makes you happy, but you need to make sure that you are being safe with the way you are going about things in order to avoid catching dangerous diseases that are generally transmitted by people who are promiscuous.

 Apart from your physical health you also need to think about your mental health, if your sole aim is to just go out there and hook up with a load of people just for the sake of it, this is the worst approach you could possibly have as you will find that no matter how many partners you get with it will not make you any happier.

 Instead, it will be much better for you to date around until you find someone that you truly love, and they also love you, where you can both grow together in a positive and healthy relationship.


Smart man with glasses in the office

 Being smart is often overlooked however it is an important male characteristic, intellect is not about knowing random facts about various topics rather than that it is much easier to achieve as it is actually as easy to do as spending half an hour reading or watching the world every day in order to stay updated on what is going on in the world and the local community that you live in.

 If you want to take additional steps to improve your intellect, then it is recommended that you buy some quality books on topics that interest you in order to increase the chances of you staying interested in the topic.

 Digital books are currently the new craze and are recommended as they can be accessed on any device around the world by simply logging into your accounts as well as being most of the time cheaper than physical copies.

 Intellect is important in life as it helps you better understand the world around you, additionally, it also helps you in your social life as it gives you more topics to talk about with people and women also being attracted to a man who is smart.


Handsome man in a theatrical costume

 Until lately, it was widely viewed that men should suppress their emotions when they are angry, sad or upset about something as they are the head of the family and because it was ‘unmanly’ to cry or show any negative emotions that may portray weakness or loss of control. Despite this male characteristic being promoted for hundreds of years and still being accepted by a large part of society, it is one that needs to be tackled.

 Of course, when you become an adult you cannot get upset and overreact about everything instead it is better to deal with your problems head-on.

 However, if you believe that your mental health is suffering because of an issue or that you just need help as a male you should not be embarrassed or scared to talk to someone and reveal your emotions to them, especially if they are a close friend or family member.

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