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How to Properly Care for the Skin of the Face?

Image of a woman caring for her face

 Many people know how to apply beauty products and makeups, but not everyone knows how to properly care for the skin of the face. The face is mostly the first part of your body people notice. It is the first part people look at, and you have to make this part of the body look good and appealing to the eyes. Having a consistent skincare routine is the key to achieving a beautiful and healthy facial skin.

 Here, we will provide you with useful tips on how to properly care for the skin on your face and things you shouldn’t do all in the name of “DIY skin treatment”.

     Skin Type: How to Identify Your Skin Type?

 First, your skin type matters. There is a need to identify your skin type before we talk about skincare, treatment, and maintenance.

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Do you know that most skincare products are made for specific skin types, and using the wrong product for your skin type can trigger acne, cause dryness or other skin problems? Hence, the need to identify with your skin type.

 The step is simple. There are basically three skin types – oily skin, combination skin, and sensitive or dry skin.

Image of a beautiful girl with a well-groomed face

   Follow through with the steps below to identify your type:

 Step 1: Wash your face in the morning. Leave it bare without applying any product.

 Step 2: Leave your skin just the way it is until noon of the day.

 Step 3: Observe your skin.

   Here is how you tell your skin type below:

 Dry or Sensitive Skin: You will notice redness on the skin or dry patches for this skin type. There might also be accompanied by a feeling of itchiness, and the skin might feel taut.

Oily Skin: You will notice that the skin all over your face is oily with enlarged skin pores.

Combination Skin: You have combination skin if only your T-zone areas (chin, nose, and forehead) are shiny with oil leaving out other parts of the face.

     Tips for Taking Care of the Skin of the Face.

 With the right products and a consistent routine, taking care of your face doesn’t have to be a Herculean task. The tips to be shared here are quite basic, but the answer the question of how to properly care for the skin of the face.

  1. Use Cleansers for Your Face.

 Women especially need to take this part seriously. Women apply makeup almost every day to work, university, etc.; the least you should do is cleanse the face properly as soon as you are back.

 Cleansing the face works to remove the makeup, dirt and also unclog the sebaceous glands. However, it would be best if you are also careful not to overdo the cleansing so as not to damage the skin, which acts as a barrier to keep pollutants and germs away.

 There are different types of cleansers out there but remember to go with the one that suits your skin. For instance, if yours is oily skin, you should opt for water-based gel or oil-free foaming wash. Dry skin should use cream or gentle milk cleansers, while a combination skin should opting for cleansing gel or foaming wash.

  1. Use Toners Often.

 People often mistake toning the skin for bleaching the skin. They are never the same. So, if your toner contains a bleaching ingredient, it is not right.

 The purpose of a toner isn’t to bleach; instead, it is to remove leftover residue from makeup, remove dirt, and then nourish the skin after that. It also hydrates.

 They are of different types, such as hydrating toners, clarifying lotions, astringent toners, essential oil, and floral toners. However, they are basically made up of a mixture of alcohol, water, and botanic extracts. However, if you have sensitive skin, you should avoid toners that contain alcohol.

  1. Moisturize After Toning.

 Moisturizer, just like the name depicts, is for moisturizing your skin, keeping it hydrated all day long and the best time to moisturize is after you must have cleansed your skin and toned it.

 Also, depending on the weather condition, you can use varying moisturizers. For instance, a heavier moisturizer would be better for the cold, while a lighter moisturizer would be best for hot weather.

  1. Use Sun Protection.

 Many people default here. The sun is one of the most dangerous elements to the skin, as the sun’s UV rays can increase collagen breakdown and skin pigmentation. This is why you need to get sunscreen.

 Purchase products that offer sun protection (those that contain SPF 30-50). Be careful not to opt for a much higher SPF, as it might not necessarily mean you are better protected.

     DIY Hacks to Avoid for a Clear Facial Skin.

Young woman with many flowers on her head

 There are some DIY hacks people do out of ignorance, thinking it helps maintain healthy skin, but in reality, these supposed hacks ought to be avoided or at least reduced.

   Here are some of them:

  • The use of baking powder: Baking powder at a PH level of 8 can stress your skin, and the skin doesn’t need that. It also decreases water content on the skin, thus causing dryness.
  • Using toothpaste: Although toothpaste is touted to absorb oil and kill germs, its ingredients can also cause dryness and skin irritation.
  • The use of lemon juice: This is one of the most common home skincare treatments. It contains citric acid; however, it is highly acidic and can cause dark spots after exposure to the sun. It can also cause skin dryness; use with caution.
  • Sugar as an exfoliant: Many people and websites have cited the use of sugar as an exfoliant, but you should be wary of the fact that sugar can be too harsh for the skin and can cause further skin irritation.

     Making Lifestyle Changes for a Healthier Face.

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 Many people still don’t know how to properly care for the skin of the face. They don’t know that even habits and ways of life affect the skin on the face and other parts of the body.

   Here are some lifestyle changes or things you should do regularly in order to get clear facial skin:

  • Drink plenty of water every day (at least 6-8 glasses of water);
  • Consume healthy diets (food rich in vegetables and fruits);
  • Exercise regularly (3 times in a week, 30 minutes per session);
  • Get enough sleep every day (At least 8 hours of sleep);
  • Avoid smoking;
  • Ensure that the air you are breathing in is clean;
  • Wash your beddings and pillowcases regularly;
  • Ensure that your facial towel is always clean.


 Achieving healthy facial skin is possible. All you need is consistency, conscious efforts, and then getting the right products for your skin type.

 Be wary of opting for methods that will cause damage rather than improve your skin health. Remember to check out product ingredients when you are shopping for your products; quality ingredients always make for quality products, and vice versa.

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