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Attractiveness and Beauty of Female Lips

Image of a girl with extraordinary hair and attractive lips

 Is there anything like perfect lips? And if there is, how would you describe perfect female lips? Oh well, we would leave that question for you to answer. It doesn’t matter whether your answer is Yes or No; the fact remains that the lips are one major part of the face that adds beauty to the face.

 Different words are used to describe the lips, such as; luscious, full, ample, soft, thick, alluring, appealing, beautiful, dry, chapped and other. But asides beauty, is there something else your lips can tell about you?

 Jean Haner, a face-reading expert and the author of “The Wisdom of Your Face” said the most important thing your lips portray is how giving you are and how you act in your relationship.

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 Haner and many others believe that the lips are linked to your personality, and every feature linked to your personality makes up the entirety of who you are.

 As regards the link between the shape of lips and personality, different lip shapes have been described such as: Goldilocks lips, natural full lips, injected fuller upper and lower lips, Lips with a peaked cupid’s bow, lips with a rounded cupid’s bow, naturally full top and bottom lips. The list is indeed a long one. For the most part, these lips shapes tell one or two things about who bears them.

     Attractiveness and Beauty of Female Lips.

 The fact that we are discussing the attractiveness of female lips today goes a long way to show people can find a female’s lips attractive and appealing. While the shape of the nose adds credence to beauty, the lips are a big deal too.

 In a world where men are concerned about the looks of the females and where the females also would do everything in their power, to look alluring and attractive, the lips matter.

Image of beautiful female lips with bright red lipstick

 Have you ever wondered why poets, painters, artists draw their inspiration from the lips when drawing a beautiful woman or talking about a beautiful woman? The answer is simple – lips to define beauty.

 Among the first things that come to mind when the attractiveness and beauty of female lips are brought up is- lipstick. During your adolescence, lipstick was probably the first cosmetic you were allowed to wear, and that usually starts with a sheer gloss.

 Gradually, you blend it into your daily life and get so used to it that you feel incomplete on days you are not wearing one. Indeed, lipstick is probably the most effortless makeup to wear. Also, there is always the desire to wear lipstick, even when there is no desire to put on any other makeup. Find out more how to do lip makeup.

 One primary reason women wear lipstick is to enhance the beauty of lips and protect the skin on the lips, which are otherwise fragile when left bare. But asides that, are there other reasons why women wear lipstick?

 One theory proposes that women use lipstick to emphasize their individuality. By accentuating the lips using colors like red and maroon, women are subconsciously highlighting the color of their individual parts, thus, attracting the opposite gender.

Another opinion is that women wear lipstick to give them that younger looks and make them more appealing to the eyes. It comes with that desire to look more youthful.

Image of attractive female lips with bright pink lipstick

 For some other women, wearing lipstick is just empowering. Many years back, in the late 1890s and early 1900s, for instance, society frowned at women wearing lipstick. Some back then wore it to defy the norm and wriggle out of the male-dominated world.

In all, the fact remains that the beauty of female lips in our century can hardly be discussed without mentioning the tool used in beautifying the lips, which is the lipstick.

     Lip Products Every Woman Should Have in Her Makeup Bag.

 It is safe to say that as far as makeup goes, it is not complete without the right lip product to match. There are different kinds of lip makeup that would make your lips pop for every occasion.

 Here is some lip makeup that shouldn’t be missing in your makeup kit. Lip gloss: There are days you may not feel like going on a full-blown lipstick, and that is okay. You can always touch up your lip with a sheer lip gloss.

  • Glossy balm: A high-shine lip balm is another way of staying low-key on days you want to keep a simple makeup. You can throw one into your tote for touching up your lips when you are on the go!
  • Lip liner: Most people ignore adding a lip liner to their makeup, but it is more important than you think. A lip liner prevents your color from feathering and also helps create a pout that looks fuller.
  • Lipstick: Your lipstick can come in different forms – liquid, metallic, and the trending matte lipstick. You need them to get your shimmer on!

Girl in a hat and glasses with beautiful lips

     Lip care: How to get Beautiful Lips.

 No matter the shape or type of lips you are born with, you can do some things to improve how your lips look. Here are ways to take care of your lips and keep them in the best possible shape:

     Keep your lips hydrated.

 You can achieve this using different lip moisturizers such as vaseline, coconut oil, vitamin E and other. Exfoliate your lips just as you do to your body and other parts of your face. Get rid of the dead epidermal cells and create room for new collagen to be formed.

     Avoid smoking.

 Studies have shown that smoking is linked with premature aging and can cause wrinkles.

 Be wary of the lip products you use. Avoid products containing ingredients like fragrance and parabens; instead, go for those containing ingredients like sorbitol, glycerine, lanolin, Aloe Vera, and mineral oil, which helps moisturize and soften the lips.

     The Final.

 Almost every woman desires to have soft, beautiful lips. Men, too, have shown to be attracted to this distinct facial feature. You see those luscious lips featured on the covers of magazines and makeup ads, and you think you can’t have them. Who says you can’t?

 All you need to do is take care of your lips, and with the right lip product, watch your lips get transformed into a luscious, soft, full, and exclusive lips. Follow this guide on the attractiveness and beauty of female lips, and you will also be able to fulfill your desires!

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