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Exercises for Lifting the Skin of the Face and Neck

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 As we age, our skin loses its tightness or elasticity because of collagen loss and appears to be sagging. Although it’s a natural aging process that is inevitable, sometimes when it starts before time we can actually control it. There are special exercises designed for lifting the skin around the facial area that tighten the skin and make us look younger.

 They are not very difficult to follow and some of them are part of yoga. They help restore the natural youthfulness of the skin because the muscle workout increases the blood flow to the area, thereby offering the required nourishment that our skin needs.

 Before discussing the workouts, you should know that exercises alone will not help in maintaining your facial and neck muscles. Along with regular workouts, you will also need to take a balanced diet, keep yourself hydrated and take adequate rest. Also, it’s important to follow a workout plan on a regular basis.

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 If you start passionately one day, but forget afterwards that you ever started a workout plan, it’s not going to work. Just like weight loss and physical training, this kind of work also needs commitment and dedication.

 So, let’s now have a look at some of the most popular and effective exercises for lifting the skin of the face and neck.

     Exercises for Lifting the Skin of the Face and Neck.

 There is a large variety of face and neck exercises that you can try at home to lift the skin around these areas.

     Make Your Face Look More Youthful!

 Our face goes through a lot of changes as we age. In fact, even its shape changes after we touch the 40’s and this type of change manifests itself in the form of a jawline that is less defined. And not to mention all those aging signs that we simply hate. Well, there are some measures that can help delay the aging process and make our face look more youthful and glowing.

 These include keeping yourself hydrated, getting rid of stress and not to mention, trying out some workouts to lift your facial skin and give your jawline a more defined look.

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 Saying the vowels “O” and “E” repeatedly tightens the muscles around the mouth. Make sure you put stress on your skin while saying these letters to work out the muscles around this area. This is quite an easy exercise and anybody can do it without any problem.

 It is possible to remove those unwanted dark circles under the eyes, which have become quite common, especially among women. The skin under the eyes can be lifted by looking up with just your eyes until you feel pressure. Make sure you don’t tilt your head and try to look at the inside of the eyebrows.

 This exercise greatly helps towards removing the dark circles. It’s also good for fine lines and wrinkles around this area. Pinching the corner of your mouth and then smiling heavily until the muscle starts working is another simple exercise that builds muscle tone.

 One way to make sure fine lines don’t appear on your face is to limit certain facial movements. Excessive use of facial muscles loosens the skin and with the passage of time as skin loses its elasticity, this process causes wrinkles.

     Tighten Loose Neck Skin.

 It is important to have a toned neck with absolutely no sagging because it also adds to your natural beauty. One of the easiest exercises to tighten loose neck skin is known as chin lift or chin-up; a part of jawline workout. It not only helps with the neck, but also lifts facial muscles.

 You need to push your lower jaw out by keeping your mouth shut and then lift your lower lip. This position must be held for at least 15 seconds. Once you restore the jaw to its original position, you will have to repeat the same workout 10 to 15 times in a row.

 Another exercise that helps to control the sagging of the neck is known as neck curl-up. All you have to do is place your chin on the chest while lying down on the floor straight and then lift your head off the ground. Don’t try too fast, but follow this workout regularly, as it is quite effective.

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 The exercise needs to be repeated at least 10 times in a single sitting. Collar bone backup is a workout designed to contract your throat muscles, thereby having an effect on the skin around the neck. You can do it while sitting up by bringing your head back several inches without moving any other part of your body, and then bringing it back to its original position again. This exercise also needs to be repeated 10 times in a row.

 An easy way to feel your neck muscles working is to place one hand on your forehead and pushing your head against it. Make sure you don’t move your head forward or use force. Once you feel the muscles around the neck working, hold this position for about 15 seconds and then let go.


 Our face is the first thing that people notice and that is why we are often found trying out different strategies to improve our appearance and especially our skin.

 Do you have a saggy neck or a face with premature wrinkles and fine lines?

 Well, even the thought of it is quite depressing. But one must not lose hope, as there are some exercises for lifting the skin of the face and neck that you can easily try at home.

 Since many of these exercises work out the muscles around the mouth, chin and throat, they are good for both the face and the neck. It’s possible to firm your neck with a few lifestyle changes and exercises. But if everything else fails, you also have the option of trying out some medical treatments.

 However, it’s highly recommended that you first experiment with these easy and simple workouts for the face and the neck discussed in this post before going for any cosmetic procedure.

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