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12 Practical Steps to Improve Your Complexion

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 Clear, blemish-free and even skin tone are some of the characteristics of healthy and glowing skin. It’s a desire of every woman to have such a complexion. Skin comes in many types of colors and textures. Fair-skinned people are generally considered more beautiful, but skin color alone is not the criterion to determine if someone is more attractive than others.

 Overall health, youthfulness and freshness of the skin also play an important role in determining the complexion of a person. In this post, we are going to look at some practical steps to improve your complexion, but first we’ll discuss various types of skin textures found in the world. So, let’s get started!

     Types of Complexions.

 There are two things that define a complexion: Skin tone and Skin type.

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     Skin Tone.

 Tone refers to the color of the skin, which ranges from pale and rosy pale to dark and native. The most common skin tones are light, normal and tan. You are often told to choose a foundation that is the right shade for your skin.

 Choice of a foundation also depends on the type of “undertone” your skin might have. It has been discovered that skin color has the ability to change depending on some external factors, but the undertone almost always remains the same.

   There are three types of undertones:

  • Cool, which refers to shades like pink and blue;
  • Warm, which means the skin is more towards golden or peach undertone;
  • Neutral, which is a combination of both cool and warm.

 Determining your skin undertone will help you choose skincare products that will contribute positively towards a healthy and glowing complexion. If you are not aware of your skin tone and type, you might end up using products that are damaging to your complexion.

 An easy test to determine the undertone is to check the color of the veins on your inner wrist. If they appear to be bluish in color, then you most probably have a cool undertone and if they are of a green shade, then your skin undertone is warm. A combination of blue-green veins indicates a neutral undertone.

     Skin Type.

     When it comes to skin type, there are five categories:

  • Oily skin;
  • Dry skin;
  • Sensitive skin;
  • Combination skin;
  • Normal skin.

 Different skincare products are recommended for each of these types. For example, if you have an oily skin, you would be advised to use a water-based foundation instead of oil-based. People with dry skin are advised to drink plenty of water and stay away from alcohol and carbonated drinks. Dry skin must also be treated with a daily gentle moisturizer or a natural moisturizer, such as coconut oil.

 There are some products especially formulated for sensitive skin, and they don’t irritate the face. Use these products and stick to natural remedies like Aloe Vera gel to keep inflammation and other problems at bay. A toner that contains skin-replenishing ingredients is excellent for all skin types.

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     12 Practical Steps to Improve Your Complexion.

 It is possible to improve your complexion to look more attractive regardless of the color of your skin. There are many ways to get a clearer skin without any blemishes and which is also overall glowing and youthful. Everybody knows that keeping your face cleansed and moisturized is a great way to get rid of acne and blemishes.

 Eating a well-balanced diet and drinking a lot of water are also necessary steps towards a healthy skin. Avoiding makeup and harmful skincare products helps to get a smooth skin texture. Some natural methods like washing your face regularly with rice water help to improve skin tone.

 Now let’s have a look at some of the most practical steps that serve to lighten the skin tone and improve your overall complexion.

  1. Use a Rice Mask.

 This is a Japanese secret for a glowing complexion. Take about 1/2 cup of rice and boil it in water for about 30 minutes. Filter the water and soak a paper towel in this prepared rice water. Place this paper towel on your face and leave it on for about 15 minutes. This is something that works for all skin types and is also very easy to follow.

  1. Wash Your Face Twice a Day.

 Buy a gentle facial cleanser face wash and use it to wash your face regularly. Nothing is more beneficial for the skin than cleansing, toning and moisturizing your face on a regular basis. Choose mild products to stay away from the dangers of harmful chemicals.

  1. Use Rose Water on Face.

 Rose water is a natural toner. It has amazing anti-bacterial properties and is therefore excellent for the skin. Instead of buying expensive toners available on the market, it’s better to stick to natural products that help improve the texture of skin when applied regularly.

  1. Use a Papaya Mask.

 Papaya face mask has the ability to lighten the skin tone and improve its texture. Women all over the world use such a mask to rejuvenate their skin and have a more youthful complexion. You can mix papaya puree with a little lemon juice and honey and apply it on the face and neck. After 15 minutes, wash the face to remove the mask off.

  1. Apply Frozen Spoon.

 A frozen spoon can miraculously tighten your skin, reduce the appearance of wrinkles and improve your complexion. The same frozen spoon can also help to reduce puffiness under the eyes.

  1. Use Coffee Grounds.

 Coffee grounds act as a great natural exfoliator the mixture is quite easy to prepare at home. Simply take coffee grounds and mix them with a little water or coconut oil. Scrub this mixture on your face and neck for a clearer complexion overnight. It is recommended to repeat this procedure twice a week.

  1. Use Oatmeal.

 Oatmeal is especially recommended for oily and acne-prone skin. It acts as a natural oil absorbent and also exhibits anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties. You can easily prepare an oatmeal mask at home by taking ground oatmeal and mixing it with water to make a smooth paste. Apply this paste on the face and wash after 20 minutes.

  1. Start Drinking Green Tea.

 Green tea is a wondrous antioxidant as it contains a substance called polyphenol. It not only reduces the signs of aging, but also improves your skin tone and texture. It has been known that green tea helps to get rid of toxins from the body, which is consequently beneficial for the skin.

  1. Steam Your Skin.

 Steaming your face is one step that can be very beneficial for the skin in the long run. It is recommended to steam your face at least once a month. It will help to open up the pores and get rid of blackheads and whiteheads. Moreover, it serves to improve the supply of blood to the vessels in your face, contributing to an improved complexion.

  1. Eat Fatty Fish.

 Omega-3 fatty acids are good for your overall health, and they are particularly useful for the skin. Your skin will start feeling more moisturized, soft and supple if you make it a habit to eat at least two servings of fish like salmon, mackerel or herring every week.

  1. Get Enough Sleep.

 Nothing can be more beneficial for your overall health including the health of your skin than adequate rest and a good night’s sleep. You must have heard the phrase “beauty sleep”, which is actually very true when it comes to getting a clear complexion.

  1. Get Rid of Stress.

 Stress takes a toll on our ski and may contribute to acne, dark spots and a dull and lifeless complexion. People who are stressed out also find it difficult to sleep at night. Get rid of the stressors in your life by meditating or exercising on a regular basis. There are some foods that also help to keep stress at bay.

 Some of these methods may sound unusual, but they work wonders for the skin. Most of them are easy to follow at home and do not require any expensive ingredients or products. It is recommended to follow at least 5 to 6 of the above-mentioned steps to achieve a better complexion in just a matter of weeks.

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 Skin complexion is a combination of skin tone and its type. All natural skin colors are beautiful, and that is why some men are attracted to fair-skinned women, while others prefer women with a tanned or exotic look. Some people may not be fair-skinned, but their complexion is glowing and youthful.

 That is because they take proper care of their diet and follow a skincare regime that is according to their skin type. If you want to have a bright and smooth complexion without using all those expensive skincare products available on the market, follow the tips and the practical steps to improve your complexion discussed in this post. You will notice that knowing your skin tone and type as well as using some simple tricks actually help to have a better and more youthful complexion.

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