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How to Care for the Skin of the Neck and Decollete?

Attractive woman with well-groomed decollete

 Many women care for their face regularly, but often forget to pay any attention to the neck and the area below it. It is also true that aging signs start appearing very early on the neck and decollete, especially if you do not enhance your beauty routine.

 It is important to use the same skincare products around these areas in order to maintain the tone and elasticity of the skin. This skincare routine will also ensure that the complexion remains uniform throughout and anything you wear looks beautiful.

 In this article, we will look at how to care for the skin of the neck and decollete to boost radiance and elasticity of the skin.

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     How to Care for the Skin of the Neck and Decollete?

 There are two types of wrinkles or aging signs that appear across the neck and decollete: horizontal and vertical. When you go out in the sun without protection and forget to keep yourself hydrated, you start seeing horizontal wrinkles around these areas.

 Vertical wrinkles, on the other hand, are caused when you keep your head in the same position over long periods of time. This type of wrinkles is common among people who spend a lot of time in front of the computer or sleep on the wrong pillow.

 The neck also starts showing signs of aging when you forget to take care of the skin around this area. When you cleanse the face, extend the routine to cover the area below. Wear loose clothes and apply cleanser lavishly around these areas.

 It is not recommended to use soap on the neck and decollete for cleansing. Instead, use a gentle cleanser suitable for your skin type and sweep upwards when you massage.

Image of a pretty girl who closes her neck with her hands

 Apart from cleansing, here are a few other methods that will ensure glowing and healthy skin around the neck and decollete.

  1. Go for a Neck Massage.

 Just like a lifting face massage, there is a massage designed for the neck and the area below. Some people even go for anti-aging neck yoga to get rid of the wrinkles around this part of the body.

 It is recommended to exfoliate the neck at least once a week for best results. If you visit the salon frequently, don’t forget to ask for a relaxing neck and shoulder massage.

  1. Use Sunscreen.

 If you plan on wearing a revealing dress, make sure you apply a sunscreen liberally not just on the face but also on the neck and the areas below. This will ensure that the sensitive skin of your bosom is protected against harmful UV rays, and it remains healthy and moisturized.

 There are many types of sunscreens available on the market, such as lotions, creams, and sprays. Find a product that is easy to apply and lasts for a long time.

  1. Wear a Proper Sized Bra.

 To make sure your bosom doesn’t show any premature aging signs, it is highly advised to find the proper size for your bra. If it is too small, it will highlight the wrinkles around this area and if it is too big, it will stretch the skin, eventually causing wrinkles.

 Finding your right size is not very difficult; simply try on a couple of sizes and see which one suits you the most. If one cup size seems too big, combine it with a smaller band, and vice versa.

  1. Use a Restorative Serum.

 Thanks to the advancement in medical science and cosmetic industry, there are tons of useful restorative skincare products available on the market. These are specially formulated for the skin of the neck and decollete. They serve to smooth out the skin, make it firm and tight, and restore the complexion.

  1. Change the Position of Your Computer.

 To get rid of the vertical wrinkles on your neck, it is advisable to move your computer a step higher so that you don’t have to look down at it. Make sure your neck isn’t creased whenever you have to do something or concentrate for a long time.

 These small measures can do wonders to the skin of your neck and help in getting rid of premature aging signs without having to go for any cosmetic procedures.

  1. Use Anti-Aging Pillow.

 Using the right pillow is crucial to keeping your skin healthy and radiant and free from wrinkles. There are anti-aging pillows available out there that have been found to be very useful in this regard.

 They are designed to keep the neck muscles taut so that the skin around this area doesn’t get creased while you sleep. Pillow made from 100% mulberry silk are also good not just for the neck and the face but also for your hair. Try it out, and you will instantly feel a difference.

  1. Stop Using Perfume on Your Neck.

 Many women are in the habit of spraying perfume on their neck and the area below. Although it gives a feeling of cleanliness and freshness, most perfumes contain alcohol, which can dry out the skin and cause wrinkles.

 If you have to apply fragrance on that area, do not spray directly. Instead, dab a little on your wrists and behind the ears, and then rub the wrists on the bosom.

Image of a sophisticated woman with a beautiful neck


 Nobody would want to display leathery skin by wearing a low-cut dress. Although these dresses are made to bring out the best in a woman, if her skin shows premature aging signs it doesn’t look attractive at all.

 It is therefore important to know how to care for the skin of the neck and decollete to maintain healthy and radiant skin even when you are in your 40s or 50s. While there are cosmetic procedures available to treat the wrinkles and fine lines, it is often best to get rid of them naturally.

 Going for Botox or fillers should be your last resort because there are many other natural ways by which you can restore the radiance and elasticity of the skin around these areas and look your best in whatever outfit you choose to wear!

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