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Female Body Types. 5 Basic Forms.

Five women with different type of figures

 Women are not simply categorized as being tall and lean or short and chubby. There can be many variations to a female body, and that is why the experts use different shapes to describe a body type. The shape of a female body is largely determined by the distribution of muscle and fat on her body. Although the female body can take on many shapes, only about five of these shapes are the most common.

 These include rectangle, triangle, spoon, hourglass and top hourglass. All these shapes are based on the upper body structure of females. There are different names given to each of these types, such as the rectangle shape is also known as the “banana” shape and the triangle shape is sometimes referred to as “pear” shape.

 In this post, we will look at the female body types, 5 basic forms in a little more detail to understand the characteristics of each.

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     Female Body Types – 5 Basic Forms.

 The five basic female body shapes discussed in this section are based on four measurements: shoulders, bust, waist and hips. The most attractive female body shape is the one in which the upper and lower body parts are proportionate to each other.

 Generally, a body with well-defined curves is the most coveted one. However, almost all women can dress up according to their body shape, either to highlight certain parts or hide parts that appear to be broader.

 In addition, some supportive undergarments can also help in highlighting the beauty of a particular body shape. Some women would be required to emphasize their waist, while others may be required to choose a dress that takes the attention away from their waist.

Diagram of the types of figures in women

     Here are the five basic female body shapes in more detail.

  1. Rectangle.

 When the waist is almost of the same measurement as the hips, the shape is usually termed as straight or rectangle. The hips are considered small, and hence the overall body shape is normally categorized as slim and tall.

 Some women who fall under this category are also considered to have an “athletic” build. Women with this kind of shape can wear just about anything from tube dresses to jumpsuits or dungarees. To highlight the waist, they can also go for short jackets or cardigans.

  1. Triangle.

 The hips are the most emphasized part of the body where triangle shape is concerned. But there are two types of triangles: inverted and straight. In case of inverted triangle, the hips are narrower as compared to the shoulders and bust.

 This type of shape is also known as “apple” shape. It is different from the rectangle because it features broader shoulders. In either of these cases, the woman is not considered slim or lean. Dresses fitted at the waist are not recommended to this type of shape.

  1. Spoon.

 The spoon shape is somewhat similar to a straight triangle shape with narrower shoulders and bust. The hips are again the most highlighted part of the body in case of this shape. It’s a common female body shape and is considered quite attractive if it is well-maintained.

 However, these women may easily gain weight around the belly area and are therefore told to watch what they eat. They need to choose dresses that balance out their lower body and make the hips appear smaller.

  1. Hourglass.

 The hourglass shape is also fairly common among women, and it is characterized by a well-defined waist with narrow shoulders and hips slightly larger than the rectangle shape. These features make this type of body quite attractive.

 It can be compared to the inverted triangle shape with the only difference in the shoulder measurement. In inverted triangle, the shoulders are considered broad. Women with this body type can wear tailored dresses as well as high-waisted jeans and fitted button down blouses and dresses.

  1. Top Hourglass.

 A top hourglass shape is characterized by a large bust, which makes the hips appear small. This is again an attractive body shape, which perfectly fits the description of a “curvy” body. It is not necessary to have a very small waist to be able to fall under this category. Dresses that highlight the waist are recommended for this type of body shape.

 Tightly fitted clothes or stretch fabrics do not look good on an hourglass body. There is a variation to the basic top hourglass, and it is known as bottom hourglass. In this type of body, the hips are large as compared to the bust.

 In addition to the 5 basic shapes discussed above, there are some variations that need to be mentioned in each category.

 For example, the triangle may be an inverted triangle in which the shoulders appear to be broad. The typical spoon shape may transform into a round form when the hips and bust are almost of the same measurement. The simple hourglass may be termed as athletic shape when the shoulders are broad and the bust is somewhat smaller.

 This type of shape is not considered “curvy” but it is attractive in its own way. Then there is a diamond shape, which is characterized by narrow hips and shoulders but a well-defined waist.

 If you want to know which body shape in females is the most desired one, the answer is the inverted triangle shape.


 The fact that you have a certain body shape doesn’t make you less beautiful than others. As they say, everybody is unique and attractive in its own way. So, there isn’t any average body shape found in females; in fact, there are many variations to even the most basic of these types. For example, the famous hourglass shape is often categorized into two types: top hourglass and bottom hourglass.

 These shapes are best meat a female body; they are described to help women choose the best outfits according to their body shape.

 Moreover, there are different diet plans designed for specific body types in order to lose weight from certain areas like the hips, the thighs or the belly. By looking at the female body types, 5 basic forms, you can easily decide which category your body falls into.

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