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How Can I Remove Body Hair?

A woman with a well-groomed body

 Having body hair is a problem faced by women all over the world regardless of their race, color and ethnicity. They are always on the lookout for some easy to use and preferably natural ways to remove body hair. There are some sensitive areas on the body, such as underarms and bikini line, and therefore, using harsh methods to remove hair from these parts of the body may cause extreme pain and sometimes redness and swelling.

 How can I remove body hair is a question many people ask, and in this article we will look at some of the most popular methods of hair removal from all areas of the body.

     Conventional Methods of Hair Removal.

 There are many conventional ways to remove body hair that include shaving, waxing, and using depilatory creams. All these methods have their pros and cons.

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 A. Laser hair removal is a relatively new method of permanently getting rid of body hair, but it may not be affordable for many people. Laser hair removal also requires several sittings, and some women with sensitive skin may find it painful and discomforting.

 B. Using a razor seems like a great option, especially when you don’t have a lot of time on your hands. But this kind of hair removal treatment is useful only for short term as hairs start to grow out very quickly. So, you would basically have to shave your arms and legs twice a week. Some other disadvantages of using a razor and waxing are ingrown hair and rash.

 C. Similarly, hair removal creams are of no use as they only remove hairs from the surface making them regrow quite fast.

 D. Sugaring is a variation of traditional waxing, and it has been found to be way better than waxing. The hairs are pulled out from the roots, and it usually takes about two to three months for them to grow back. However, one disadvantage of using this method is that it is quite time-consuming. You first have to prepare the “sugar” at home using sugar, lemon and honey. Then apply it all over the body to remove hair, which could sometimes be difficult too.

 A better approach to hair removal is to use some tried and tested natural remedies. So, we will discuss some of these treatments so that you can easily use them at home and also save time and money.

A diagram of the removal depth of the hair to different techniques

     How Can I Remove Body Hair Naturally.

 Natural ways to remove body hair are gaining in popularity all over the world. They are harmless, easy to follow and inexpensive methods that have been found to be very effective for people of all ages. Some people may find these hair removal methods weird and unusual, but they actually work.

 Here are a few popular methods to remove hair from any part of the body:

  1. Using a Pumice Stone.

 Pumice stone that is typically found in many bathrooms is used to remove dead cells from feet to make the heels smooth and soft. Well, there’s another use for this stone, and that is natural hair removal.

 The rough and hard texture of this stone makes it easy to remove hairs from any area of the body; however, you need to be careful in using it too harshly because it may cause redness of the skin. It is recommended to use it on dry skin in small circular motions. Don’t forget to use a moisturizer or, better yet, an after-wax oil or lotion to get rid of any redness and swelling.

  1. Turmeric and Milk Paste.

 This mixture has been found to be very effective for fine hair that have not yet been treated with waxing and shaving. It is recommended to try it on young girls to remove hair from their body permanently. This method can also be used on the face safely as there are absolutely no side effects of this natural ingredient.

 It is also possible to prepare a turmeric hair removal mask using gram flour, milk, turmeric and salt. Form a smooth paste using these ingredients and then apply it on the face. Rub the mask off for a clean and clear looking skin.

  1. Egg and Corn Flour.

 You need 1 egg white, a little sugar and about 1/2 a tablespoon corn flour to prepare this hair removal mixture. Apply it on the face or any other area of the body from where you want to remove hair and leave it on for about 10 to 15 minutes. It will form a mask that is easy to peel off. It is recommended to clean and dry the area first before applying this mixture. The method has been found to be effective especially for areas like hands and face. You can also cornstarch instead of corn flour to prepare this mixture for hair removal.

  1. Sesame Oil and Raw Papaya.

 If you are looking for a method to effectively remove pubic hair, then fetch some sesame oil and grind it with raw papaya. Rub this paste over the area gently and repeatedly. It is recommended to leave the paste on for about half an hour before washing it off.

 This method has been found to be very effective for permanent hair removal from the bikini area. It is easy and inexpensive. However, some people may find it time-consuming as you have to wait for a long time before washing it off.

Image of a woman removing hair from the body


 Hair removal is inevitable for most people because body hair looks ugly and affects a women’s appearance. Nobody wants to go through the hassle of trying painful methods that also take a long time to remove hair from the entire body. Waxing, shaving, threading and using depilatory creams are all traditional methods to remove body hair.

 For some women they work perfectly, for others they don’t and sometimes even cause more problems. Women with extremely sensitive skin are advised to use natural methods to body hair removal because these techniques are totally harmless.

 Try out one of these remedies if you’re looking for an answer to how can I remove body hair to get rid of unwanted hair easily and inexpensively.

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