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How to Increase a Man’s Self-Esteem?

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 Self-esteem is fairly simple; it is belief in yourself and your personal abilities. Although it is admittedly simple, not everyone has loads of self-esteem and some studies suggest that around 80% of men suffer from self-esteem issues related to their physical appearance, personality, and achievements.

 In this article, we are going to be giving you some useful pointers on how to increase a man’s self-esteem.

     Exercise Frequently.

 It is not just females that are self-conscious about their physical appearance, the majority of men also care about how they look. This does not mean that you have to become to look like a model or bodybuilder, instead you should aim to get in good shape as this way you will feel and look great.

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 Furthermore, research shows that when you exercise your body produces a chemical called dopamine which travels through your bloodstream to your brain and helps you relax and feel good helping ease any stress that you may be feeling from work, school or other important events in your life.

A man and a woman are engaged in sports

 Additionally, when a male is exercising and is in better shape they will experience increased success in the dating world or will alternatively have a much more healthy relationship with their current partner which will help boost the guy’s self-esteem.

     Take Part in Something You Enjoy.

 Working hard at school and at work is a good thing to do; however, you should not let this take over your life. It is important to find something that you want to do and are good at, even if this may be a hobby, as it will increase your self-esteem since you will be feeling a lot happier.

 A lot of hobbies and passions that people have are part of massive national and international communities that can number in the thousands to the millions. For example, if your hobby is collecting comics, you will be able to build up expertise around this subject and when your collection grows so will your pride and happiness in what you have achieved at something that you are passionate about and enjoy doing.

     Have a Go at Your Entrepreneurial Dreams.

 Apart from pursuing your passions in recreational activities, if you have dreams from a young age to start your very own business this is something that you should also consider doing.

 Becoming an entrepreneur is the dream of many people as it allows them to eventually become their own boss if the business is successful and profitable enough.

 Moreover, if your business is successful, it will provide you with pride and also with a lot of self-esteem as you would have proven the doubters wrong and have managed to achieve something that very few people can do with over 20% of new businesses closing in the first year alone.

 But you also need to be cautious with this, you should not quit your job or degree in order to pursue your business idea as your first entrepreneurial adventure may not end up a success, and it is best to have a stable income while building up your company.

     Don’t Focus on the Material Things.

 A lot of people believe that having expensive things will make them happy and more confident, which is why hundreds of billions are spent every year on overpriced designer clothing.

 The individuals that wear designer clothing are doing so in the hope that other people will notice them, but this provides only a short-term boost in confidence while the person still remains insecure.

A man with high self-esteem and an attractive woman next to him

 Rather than spending your hard-earned money on expensive items that may make you look cool but offer no other benefit. You can invest your money in property, IT projects, the stock market or your business if you have one as this will build for the future over time, although it will not make you look good in front of others in the long term it will be the best thing to do as it will secure the future of you and your loved ones.

     Forget About the Past.

 When answering the question of how to increase a man’s self-esteem it is important to address the difficult topics that no one wants to discuss. A lot of men will have encountered situations in their life where their self-esteem has been knocked down, for example a romantic partner may have cheated on them, or they may have been embarrassed at school or work.

 A large part of those people will have a hard time moving on from those traumatic events, but it is important to do so as it will allow you to improve yourself and also do better next time when in a relationship or in a social setting.

     Don’t Care What Others Think.

 Despite self-esteem being a mindset, a lot of men still struggle with it as it is honestly easier to say than do. This is cannot be avoided, however, and needs to be practiced until it becomes a habit.

 People that are self-conscious will have the mindset that everyone else is thinking and looking at them when in reality this is not happening as everyone is thinks about themselves and some will be worried like you about you judging them for the insecurity that they have.

     See a Psychiatrist if Needed.

 There is nothing to worried or ashamed about in regards to attending a one on one session with a psychiatrist, a lot of stigma surrounds visiting a mental health professional as people believe that by doing so you are in a way accepting that they are crazy which is not true.

Image of a very joyful and successful man

 A psychiatrist is a trained professional that will help you understand why you are feeling a certain way and explore the underlying causes behind this with you.

 It is worth trying, it is admittedly not a magic bullet that will instantly help a guy with their self-esteem, but it can help people who take it seriously by being honest with their psychiatrist and working on the advice that they receive there.

     Set Yourself a Goal.

 Increasing your self-esteem is not easy, so the biggest piece of advice that we can give in regards to how to increase a man’s self-esteem is to take it one step at a time while at the same time being proactive about it.

 Set yourself realistic goals every month of things that you are going to do that will take you out of your comfort zone which can be socializing, making small talk with people you don’t know, going on blind dates if you are single and other activities that you currently lack the confidence to partake in, and you will see your self-esteem gradually growing.

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