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How Can I Attract a Guy Without Talking? Important Tips.

Elegant girl sitting in a cafe and attracts attention

 Attracting a guy can be achieved in a number of ways.

You do not have to speak to him to attract his attention; this can be done in many ways without saying a word. The way you attract a guy will have a huge effect on how he sees you, so choose carefully. This article on “How can I attract a guy without talking?” will give you a number of methods. Choose the ones that suit your personality.

     (A) Appearance.

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 Obviously, the very first thing a man is going to notice about a woman is her appearance. Men are hard-wired to look at women they come across, even if they are not actively seeking any relationship. They just enjoy looking at women. They will instantly come to a conclusion about her depending on how she looks.

     1. Dress in a Flattering Way.

 A flattering way of dressing involves wearing clothes that bring out the best in a woman, they show her personality, they tell the guy something about her, before even a word is spoken. If a woman dresses in a way that says she has no sense of self-worth and throws open all her assets for the world to see, and then she is telling the world she is cheap. What man wants a woman like that for a real relationship? Similarly, if a woman wears extremely functional clothes that do nothing to enhance her looks, she is saying that either she is not interested in attracting a man or that cannot be bothered to make any effort.

     2. Wear Makeup to Get Your guy’s Attention.

 An associated method is wearing makeup. Makeup is designed to enhance a woman’s looks and make her look more desirable. Well applied makeup will make a guy notice you, and it also shows him that you care about your appearance and put some effort into looking good.

     3. Try Not to Look Desperate to Attract a Man.

 As a woman, you know that having your breasts hanging out from your dress and long legs in a very short skirt will make a man notice you, but did you also know that men are actually dismissive of women that dress like this when it comes to a relationship. They come over as desperate and cheap. It is not a good look at all for someone seeking a real relationship.

Woman in a beautiful dress attracts the attention of men

     (B) Your Actions.

 There are certain actions that men find attractive and subconsciously tell a man that you are interested. By doing these things, you will help to overcome shyness and fear of rejection and make it more likely that he will approach you. There are lots of signals from a woman’s body language that indicate attraction; here are a handful of examples. Do not overdo any of them.

      1. Playing with Your Hair.

 Women who constantly touch their hair when looking at a man, are indicating that they find you attractive.

     2. Touching Other Parts of Your Body.

 If you as a woman have an itch you will normally scratch that itch discretely. If you are constantly touching other parts of your body, then it probably means that you are attracted to him and indicating to him that he should see this part of your body. You will not even realize that you are doing this.

     3. Removing an Article of Clothing.

 Removing a jacket when it is not particularly hot also indicates subconsciously that you are attracted to a man.

     4. Crossing and Uncrossing Legs.

 Doing this once may have no consequence but crossing and uncrossing them continually is going to subconsciously suggest to the man that you are showing him your legs.

Beautiful woman sits at a bar counter

     (C) Attitude.

 Remember, the question we are answering is – how can I attract a guy without talking? We have dealt with appearance, and now we will look at attitude.

Once your appearance has brought you to his notice, a man will then try to establish what type of woman you are. Men are often terrified of approaching a woman for fear of rejection in a humiliating way. The guy is going to be watching you and seeing how you interact with people around you. If you are sitting at a table in a bar with your girlfriends, and he is at another table, he will be watching how you speak and act with them. If you seem to be a bit abrasive, then he may well pull back if lacking in confidence.

     1. Be a Fun-loving Girl.

 Are you having a laugh with your friends, joining in with the laughter or sitting bored and aloof? Men like fun-loving girls, make sure you come across that way.

     2. Show Kindness.

 Everybody loves kind people, if you have the opportunity to show kindness this will both serve to give him more confidence to approach you but also ensure that you are the type of girl he wants to contact.

     3. Be Honest.

 Do not try to impress the guy by using dishonesty. Once you are discovered in one lie, the guy will have very little confidence in other things you say. Guys like honesty, it’s endearing.

There is of course the danger of trying to carry out all these actions that you cease being yourself, and you are pretending to be someone else. The intention of this article is not to provide instructions, but simply to indicate the kind of things that men find attractive.

     (D) Summary.

 Looking again at the question – How can I attract a guy without talking? Although he will almost certainly have noticed you, whether or not he is going to respond or not will depend on whether (a) he is looking for a relationship, and (b) If you look like the kind of woman that he would like a relationship with. He will make an initial assessment based on your appearance.

 From your appearance he will assess the kind of person you are. Are you dressed in a functional style that indicates that you have no desire to impress a man? Are you at the other extreme and dressed in clothing that makes you look cheap (lacking self-worth)? In both those cases, he will probably just continue what he was doing.

 IF, however, your appearance shows some personality and style, you will retain his interest while he looks another considerations, such as how you come across as a person. Are you smiling? Do you seem approachable and kind? Do you look very serious and self-absorbed, or do you look like you could be a lot of fun?

 If you tick all these boxes and seem like you are possibly interested in them (established through body language), then he will probably approach you, and you will have attracted him.

     We wish you luck in this process!

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