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What are the Different Types of Makeup?

Attractive girl with bright makeup

 Makeup can be used to achieve just about any type of look, from glamorous and dramatic to natural and nude. Just like special products are used for bridal makeup, for all the other types one has to use some specific tones, base and extensions like false eyelashes to achieve a special look.

 There are so many makeup products available out there but not all of them are required for a particular look. For example, for everyday neutral makeup, you don’t need to use false eyelashes.

 What are the different types of makeup helps us to explore the most common and widely used makeup looks around the world by celebrities, makeup artists and hobbyists.

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 Some of these types are named after the tools that are used to create a look. Others are categorized according to the final look; for example, matte, dewy or glossy.

 Then there are some types of makeup that are based on the ingredients or contents of the products used, for example mineral makeup.

 In this article, we will explore all these types and some others that are quickly being recognized by professional makeup artists all over the world.

     What are the Different Types of Makeup?

Image of a woman before and after makeup

 Here we will discuss some of the most popular types of makeup famous among women from all walks of life.

  1. Shimmer Makeup.

 This look is gaining in popularity with each passing day because of its ability to impart a very sparkly and lively appearance to the wearer. It’s not very difficult to achieve, since only a few basic products are required.

 You can try various techniques to achieve different levels of shimmer that range from simple everyday shimmer to dramatic shimmer suitable for weddings. The most important product for this type of look is the highlighter.

 Shimmer powder is widely available on the market, which can be used to accentuate some areas of the face. Glitter eye shadow, especially brown glitter, is used to achieve this type of look.

  1. Smokey Makeup.

 Everyone loves Smokey makeup because it serves to enhance your eyes and give you a dramatic look. Special eye shadow palettes are available on the market, which consists of all the four shades that you need to, put on your eyes to create that characteristic Smokey look.

 This type of makeup is perfect for evening parties or a special date. It works very well with dark-colored outfits, especially black. With Smokey eyes, you can also experiment with a dark and bold lip color.

  1. Natural Makeup.

 Natural makeup never goes out of fashion as it can be worn every day or for any occasion whatsoever. When you don’t need a bold or dramatic look, you could always revert to natural or neutral tones that impart a truly elegant look.

Lovely girl with natural makeup

 The best thing about natural makeup is that, it suits everyone regardless of their facial features or complexion. The idea here is to use light and nude tones especially on the eyes coupled with a soft lip color like peach, pink, nude or light brown.

  1. HD Makeup.

 There are some really cool HD makeup products available out there that can be used to create a very professional look at home. They are a bit more expensive than traditional products, but totally worth the money.

 HD makeup is typically meant for a bridal look, and it consists of certain steps that you need to follow. There are special foundations available for mature, dry or oily skin to conceal the imperfections and achieve that characteristic celebrity look that everybody loves.

  1. Mineral Makeup.

 If you want to use products that do not contain any harmful chemicals, then go for a mineral look. It can help you achieve a neutral look, mostly comprising of brown and nude tones. Mineral makeup is recommended for those who have a sensitive skin prone to acne breakouts and other skin issues.

Pretty woman with red lips and a flower

 Mineral makeup can be expensive, but you can also find some affordable products in this range and achieve a look that suits you and the occasion you are wearing it for.

  1. Evening Makeup.

 A slight variation of everyday natural, evening makeup characterizes warm and soft hues for a stylish look. This type of makeup helps women to look younger and more beautiful. The eyes are enhanced further using an eyeliner coupled with a soft eye shadow.

Beautiful woman with evening makeup

 The lip color is chosen according to your complexion, but usually matte goes well with the overall look. You don’t need a highlighter or bronzer, but a soft blush will do the trick.

  1. Bronze Makeup.

 If you want to highlight the beauty of your eyes, you may want to use bronze tones and then accentuate the overall look using a bronzer. This type of makeup is suitable for evening parties and dinners.

 The eye makeup for this type of look is termed as shimmer bronze eye makeup. You can find special products and eye shadow palettes to achieve this look. It may also need eyelash extensions to complete the appearance of dramatic and shimmery eyes.


 While makeup cannot be used to change your looks completely, it does help in concealing some of the imperfections and flaws on the face. In this post, we have explored some of the most commonly used makeup looks for different occasions. From HD bridal makeup to everyday natural, we have categorized these types according to the products required to achieve a specific look.

 Whether you are fond of using a bold lip color like bright red or plum or have a soft spot for nude shades, you can easily find a look that suits your likeness and taste. It is also important to choose a makeup look that serves to accentuate your facial features. For example, if you have big eyes, you may want to try your hands on Smokey eye makeup.

 Similarly, if you want a look for a special occasion like a wedding, you may want to use a few HD products, especially the foundation. What are the different types of makeup helps us to look at some of the most widely used makeup tricks for a natural or dramatic look.

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