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How to Do Eyebrow Makeup?

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 Doing your eyebrows plays a major role in the overall makeover. Not only do they need to properly shaped, but also correctly made up in order to make your look stand out. Imagine a face without eyebrows, and you will instantly know the importance of this facial feature.

 Wide gap between the brows, changing your natural shape, eyebrows with sparse hairs and brows plucked too short are all mistakes that you must address if you want to look your best.

 So, in this post we are going to discuss how to do eyebrow makeup step by step so that you can avoid the mistakes you have been making previously and achieve a look you have always desired.

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     How to Do Eyebrow Makeup? – A Step-by-Step Guide.

     Step #1 – Find Out Where Your Brow Should Start.

 This step can be achieved by using a brush or a pencil. Place it on the side of your nose, extending it to the area where your eyebrow should be located. Now change the angle of the brush by placing it along the outside of your nose to the outer corner of your eye to determine how long your brow should be.

 If your brow is shorter or longer than this, you need to do something about it. If they are longer, you would need to pluck them short and if they are short, you would need to grow them back or use makeup to increase their length.

     Step #2 – Brush Up The Brows.

 Using an old mascara applicator, brush your eyebrows in an upward fashion to see where they need to be filled in. This step also helps to settle on a shape you would like. Try to keep it as close to natural as possible. If your brows are already thick and black, you may want to trim the hairs short and use a lighter color to give them a soft look.

     Step #3 – Fill In The Gaps.

 Using a pencil that best matches your natural hair color, fill in any sparse areas that you identified in the previous step. Use small strokes to avoid overdoing it. Light strokes also ensure that you don’t lay the eyebrow makeup on thick.

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     Step #4 – Define The Shape Of Your Brows.

 Now you need to define the shape using an angled brush. Remember, the shape is already defined when you pluck or do your eyebrows, but this step ensures that they look more even and regular. Make sure you use the same color as you used in the previous step. The shape needs to be defined by tracing either eyebrow from the inner corner to the outer corner.

     Step #5 – Blend Out The Color.

 Again using a spoolie or an old mascara applicator, brush your brows to blend the color you applied previously. This step would remove any abnormality and give your brows a more natural look. Make sure you don’t use vigorous strokes; otherwise you will end up spoiling the look.

     Step #6 – Make The Edges Clean.

 This step can be achieved by using a fluffy brush dipped in translucent powder. All you have to do is trace along the sides of your brows to give the edges a cleaner look.

 Your brows will look sharper and more defined once you’re done with this step.

 Eyebrow makeup is not very difficult, and the major part is already done when you have plucked them and determined their ideal length and shape. However, a few steps need to be completed when you’re doing your makeup.

 Choose the colors wisely if you want to achieve a natural and beautiful look. It is recommended to pluck your brows every month or so to keep the shape consistent and even.

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     Some Points to Remember.

 The guide to properly do your eyebrows is simple and easy to follow. However, there are a few mistakes that many women repeat in this context and which spoil their overall look. Let’s look at these points one by one.

  • You must always do your eyebrows as a final step when doing makeup. This ensures that you mix and match them up with the new tone of your face.
  • When you have determined the ideal length of your brows, avoid plucking them too short or keeping them too long, as it can ruin your natural beauty.
  • Trying to match the shape perfectly will often end up in unnatural and uneven looking brows. There is no need to obsess over it.
  • Your eyebrows must not look as if they have been painted on. Use light and short dash-like strokes when filling in the gaps and defining the shape.
  • Use the right tools and brushes to do your eyebrows to avoid overdoing any of the steps mentioned here.
  • Over-tweezing is always discouraged, especially when you want to retain the natural shape of your brows. It is good to keep them neat and clean, but there is no need to start plucking them every other day.

 As a final note, do not strive for perfection in makeup, especially when it comes to your brows. There is no need to make them both look perfectly alike.

 Just like our face lacks symmetry and looks beautiful the way it is, the eyebrows do not need to perfectly regular. If either of them is slightly more arched than the other, it’s all right! In fact, it will give your makeup a more natural look.


 As they say, eyebrows have the ability to either make or break a face. Properly shaped and nicely trimmed brows can go a long way in making your makeup look professional.

 However, it is also recommended not to overdo your brows in order to preserve their genuineness. Thicker and fuller eyebrows look natural and attractive.

 If you don’t already have thick brows, you can improve the look using makeup. Follow this step-by-step guide on how to do eyebrow makeup and there won’t be any need to visit a salon for your next makeover.

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