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How to Make Eye Makeup for Beginners? Application Steps.

Woman makeup applied on eyes

 Eye makeup is the most difficult part of a makeover, especially for beginners. But if you practice some basic skills and follow a few tips for newbies, the process becomes quite easy and straight forward. From applying the perfect eyeliner to using the best primer for the eyes, we are going to discuss everything in post to make you a master of eye makeup. So, keep reading on if you want to know how to make eye makeup for beginners.

     Preliminary Tips For a Perfect Eye Makeup.

 If you’re reading this post, you must have decided to give a professional look to your makeover. So, here are a few tips to get your started and avoid some common mistakes that make eye makeup look improper.

  • Always use an eye primer, as it helps to improve the texture of the skin and brings out the best in the eye shadow.
  • You may use a single brush to apply makeup on your eyes, so if all those brushes give you chills, don’t use them!
  • Another important eye makeup product is a bronzer that many women overlook. It adds warmth to the makeup and erases any imperfections that usually occur when you’re a beginner.
  • There are many types of eye shadows available out there including shimmer, powder, cream and matte. Take you pick according to the look you wish to achieve, like a dramatic look or a smoky look.
  • Tools have their importance in makeup, but it’s useless to pile up things you’re not going to need. Instead, it’s better to stick to a few items only, like an eyelash curlers.
  • Some extra products like an eyeliner eraser can do wonders for your eye makeup as they have been designed to give a flawless look to your eyes. Do consider buying one of these if you want to achieve that professional look.
  • Eyebrow pencil is another product that many women don’t consider very important. You can replace it with a pomade as well to achieve a water-resistant, perfect appearance of the brows.

Various kinds of applying makeup to the eyes

 Now let’s have a look at eye makeup for beginners step-by-step.

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     How to Make Eye Makeup For Beginners.

 Let’s discuss the process of making up the perfect eyes for a wedding, an evening party or a simple date.

  1. Step 1: Use an eye primer to create that smooth surface where the makeup sets perfectly. Remember to wait for some time to allow it to dry up before applying a foundation or a concealer.
  2. Step 2: The next step is to start applying your eye shadow. You need to choose four basic shades to complete this step. Usually, eye shadow palettes come with four shades for any kind of look. Soft glam eye shadow may consist of shades to act as:
  • a highlighter that is lighter than your natural skin tone;
  • a mid-tone shade in matte;
  • a shade for contouring that needs to be 2 or 3 shades darker than the skin tone;
  • a black shade in matte.

 Remember these shades for any type of look to choose a suitable eye shadow palette. Use a flat application brush, but if it’s not available, you can also use an earbud.

 Damp the brush before dipping it in the eye shadow to get a more pronounced color.

   Step 3: Start applying the different shades that we chose in step 2. You need to start with the lightest shade that has to be applied to the inner corner of the eyes. The same color will be used to highlight the arch of the eyebrows. A blending brush is needed to apply the second tone to the crease. However, you can do it with the tip of your finger too. Just remember to cover the right area and don’t overdo it.

   Step 4: The next step is to contour your eyes using the third color that we discussed in step 2. This color will be applied to the outer corner and cover half of the eye from the outer corner. Here, we will need to blend the two colors perfectly to make them look natural. The same color will be used to contour the bottom lash line.

   Step 5: Finally, the matte black color from your eye shadow palette needs to be applied to the outer corner of the eyes to impart a more striking look. Make sure you link it to the bottom lash line for a more natural look.

   Step 6: The next step is to use an eyelash curler and start applying the mascara. There are many types of mascara brushes and each one of them is used differently. If you haven’t curled your lashes, it will be difficult to get that perfect look. Mascara is usually applied in two coats, but you need to be very careful in order to prevent clumps.

   Step 7: The final step is to apply the eyeliner. There are ways to get it right the first time around. You can use some tools to prevent it from getting smudged and get that perfect winged look. There are many types of eyeliners available on the market. Choose a product you’re most comfortable with. Liquid eyeliners are for the experts, so it’s better to stick to an eyeliner pencil.

 A bronzer helps to make the skin look healthier and more glowing.

Eye makeup options


 Not everyone is an expert when it comes to doing makeup. Eye makeup particularly seems very difficult if you have absolutely no experience with applying a perfect eyeliner and choosing a suitable shade for the eye shadow. How to make eye makeup for beginners is therefore a question that many women ask regardless of their age.

 Everyday eye makeup becomes simpler when you’re aware of all the best tips and tricks of getting it right. After a few practice strokes, you are able to leave behind all the mistakes that you have been committing in the past. And the best thing is, it only keeps getting better and better in the future. So, remember the tips discussed in this post when you start doing your next eye makeup, and you are good to go!

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