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How to do Eyelash Makeup Correctly?

Nice girl with beautiful eyes and long eyelashes

 Eye makeup is the most difficult part of a makeover, and many women find themselves stuck at it even if they know the basics. Although there are a number of brushes involved as well as a few steps to get it right, it is not necessary that you have to use all those tools.

 Even with a few simple strokes, you can actually achieve that perfect look. But the point here is to focus on what you need to achieve. How to do eyelash makeup correctly will teach you not only the basics of proper eyelash makeup, but also explore some tips and tricks to achieve the highest level of precision.

   So, let’s get started!

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     How to do Eyelash Makeup Correctly?

 The purpose of doing eyelash makeup is to make the eyelashes appear longer and fuller. One of the basic tools to achieve this is the mascara. However, here the eyelash curler is also of utmost importance because it helps to apply the mascara properly. You must also keep in mind that eyelashes are to be made after you have finished your basic eye makeup.

Image of attractive women with various eyelash makeup options

   Here are some tips and tricks to help you achieve that perfect look:

  • Instead of using false lashes, try to achieve the same look using an eyelash curler. But before applying mascara, apply a layer of powder to your lashes. You can use your regular compact or even baby powder to complete this step. This creates a base for mascara and makes the lashes appear thicker.
  • When using the eyelash curler, start at the base of the lash and lift up in an inverted position. When the inverted position is attained, pinch once again.
  • Another tip to make the eyelashes appear longer is to heat your eyelash curler before using it. You can easily do it using a hair dryer. But make sure you don’t heat it up too much.
  • Choose the right mascara for your lash type. How to tell what type of lashes you have? There are short and long lashes, then there are curly and straight lashes, and down-turned lashes, only to mention a few.
  • Once you are sure about the type of lashes you have, the next step is to find the perfect mascara for you. There are lengthening mascaras out there that consist of a skinny brush, and they are meant for making the short lashes look longer. Curled up lashes can be straightened by using a tube formula, as it helps to add height.
  • Don’t use a huge mascara brush if you are not an expert of eyelash makeup. Although it’s good to form thick and fanned-out lashes, it’s not very easy to handle.
  • Look for a mascara that doesn’t smudge or clump. You also need a mascara that is waterproof so that it would last for a long time.

Collage of photos with different eyelash makeup options

 Follow these tips if you want to do your lashes professionally as some of these points are things that not even the experts would reveal. It is recommended not to overdo any step and also apply as many coats of mascara as you want depending on the type of look you want to achieve.

 Remember there are good quality eyelash extensions available out there that help in professional makeover. If you want to achieve the look that only makeup artists are able to give, it will be a good idea to use false lashes or eyelash extensions.

 Make sure you find the proper adhesive to make the false lashes stay in place for a long time. Use compatible eye makeup products with these extensions in order to enhance their beauty and make your lashes look professionally done.

 There are also some other products that make your eyelash makeup stand out. For example, eyelash enhancer and eyelash applicator. Instead of trying to put on the eyelashes yourself, it’s better to use an applicator that makes the process easier and simpler. These products are also designed to save time when you do your eye makeup.

     How to Do Spider Lashes?

 One of the famous eyelash makeup tricks that is making a comeback is known as spider lashes. These lashes are chunky and thick and look very attractive.

 You may use a special mascara to achieve this look or use your regular mascara if you really know the steps. One of the benefits of spider lashes is that, they can make the eyes look big.

 So, if you have small eyes and short eyelashes, it is highly recommended that you try this look.

 After you clean and curl your lashes, the next step is to brush them. There are eyelash brushes available on the markets that help to lift your lashes and give them the desired volume.

Image of a woman with very beautiful and large eyelashes

 Next, apply face powder just like you would do regularly before applying the mascara. Once you have covered the lashes in the first coat of mascara, the next step is to apply face powder once again.

 After that, apply a second coat of mascara and use a spider lash mascara preferably to complete this step.

 The final step is to curl your lashes up using your fingers. Give them the desired appearance depending on the level of spidery lashes you want to achieve.

 You can make them stick together or leave them as they are as there are two coats of mascara, which make it easy to curl them up.


 Eyelashes have the ability to make or break your makeup. Although eyelash makeup sounds easy and straight forward, there are many things that makeup experts don’t tell you, but they are important to achieve that almost perfect look that every woman desires.

 Since nobody wants to use fake lashes, it is better to experiment with a few tricks that help to achieve the same look without any need for false or fake tools.

 From eyelash curling to applying multiple coats of mascara, there are a few steps to proper eyelash makeup.

 This article discusses in detail how to do eyelash makeup correctly so that even newbies can make their makeup look as if done professionally.

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