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Why Do We Need New Technologies?

Image of a robot hand and a human

 New technologies are exciting. Most of us have at one point or another imagined what life would be like if robots and space travel existed. Sooner or later, this will be technologically possible. However, apart from new technologies being interesting, what are the actual benefits?

 We will be answering this very question below, of why do we need new technologies?

     Transforming Travel.

 New technologies are going to further improve how we travel. Currently, there are technologies in development that are trying to introduce a Hyperloop. An equivalent to a train line that is powered by magnets, which allows it to travel at a much faster speed since there is no contact with any surfaces. Thus cutting down travel times by more than half compared to the fastest bullet train in the world that travels at 373 mph.

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 Additionally, there is autonomous driving technology that will be installed initially in road vehicles. Autonomous driving technology will greatly reduce road-related accidents and fatalities. Moreover, at its most advanced stage of development, it will allow disabled people and the elderly to affordably travel at will.

 To add to this, there is a major shift in powering travel using electricity. The aim is that one day, cars and other modes of transportation could be totally powered using renewable energy sources. The importance of this is down to the fact that 30% of carbon emissions in the entire world come from transportation.

     Saving Lives.

 Technological development plays a major part in eradicating major illnesses in the world that are currently incurable and in some cases a fatal. It is estimated by the National Health Council that around 40% of Americans suffer from a chronic illness.

 To put this into context. A study published in the Journal of the National Cancer Institute by A. Jemal shows that there was a minimum 10% increase in the survival rate of the suffers from the top 20 most widespread types of cancer. This data applies to the period of 1970 to 2013, and it collects data from the United States.

Technological process of assembling cars by robots

 Advancement in medical technology is particularly in need since the population as a whole is living much longer. The longer that we live, the higher the chances of developing a serious illness. Therefore, developing cures or, at the very least, ways to better cope with these illnesses will greatly improve everyone’s life.

     Economic Growth.

 The creation of new technologies can create entirely new industries or transform the ways established business sectors operate. Such changes happen gradually, and in the case of existing industries can lead to short-term negative growth.

 One of the big examples is newspapers, for centuries thanks to the invention of printers they have been an ultra-profitable industry. However, when the internet arrived, more and more of the public began to get their news online for free. This led to many newspapers disappearing or downsizing. However, in the long-term, this led to a growth of the media industry as the internet made it easier for anyone to start their own news websites or online magazine.

 Furthermore, many of the oldest newspapers are now more profitable than ever. Since they charge for subscriptions without the need to print actual newspapers, instead just unlocking access to their website which costs nothing.

 You also have to consider all of the businesses that would not exist without key technological developments such as the internet, the railroad, and the smartphone. Apps, industrialization, and social media will not be possible without those technologies.

     Tackling the Demographic Crisis.

 Since the 1960s, the average median age in the US has increased from 29.5 to 38.4 years, according to Statista. In addition, couples are having an average of 1.73 children, which is below the 2.1 average replacement rate. Although, the USA, unlike other countries, is able to offset this thanks to being an attractive country for immigrants. This is where the topic of why do we need new technologies comes in.

 Because we are living longer than ever thanks in part to technology, we will need technology to help us work for longer as efficiently as when we were younger. Around the world, the minimum age of retirement has steadily been rising, and it shows no sign of stopping.

 Automation is going to be one way to achieve this. As a worker of age, you will not be required or in some cases able to carry out physically strenuous work. Instead, the ‘heavy lifting’ can be left to machines, while workers focus on tasks that require critical thinking and creativity. As the saying goes, work smarter, not harder.

     Improving Quality of Life.

 Our lives are much better than those of our predecessors. We are able to access information within seconds using search engines, have access to unlimited entertainment for free, and order food straight to our homes. This is on top of living decades longer and having access to better healthcare.

Image of the head of a fascinating robot

 Technology has allowed our lives to be easier. We no longer have to spend a lot of time or money doing certain things, such as traveling to a food outlet to order food. Instead, you now have a lot more time to do what you want and improve yourself.

     More Job Opportunities.

 As the world gets more complicated, the different job opportunities there will be. Every time a new technology makes a major impact, there are tens of millions of new jobs created in the world.

It works like a chain reaction. For example, the internet resulted in social media, which allowed millions of people to make a living by being creators. In turn, there were businesses founded to support those creators by managing their careers and finding brand partners.

 This is also going to happen when technology such as robots and virtual reality technology becomes more commonplace. There will be a higher demand for technicians, operators, and factory floor managers. As well as the opportunity to works for the many other businesses that will profit from these technologies.

     Saving the Planet.

 One of the biggest reasons why do we need new technologies is to help preserve our planet for future generations. Economic growth and higher standards of living until now have come at the cost of pollution and destruction of our natural environment. New technologies can change all of this.

 We have already discussed electric transportation methods in this article. In addition to this, technologies such as nuclear vision and renewable energy sources will provide energy that does not have any carbon emissions. Apart from stopping global warming, it will also significantly lower the cost of electricity.

 Moreover, solutions are required for the reuse of water and mass-producing alternatives to plastic and other materials that do not biodegrade. These technologies will create a sustainable world and economy that will allow everyone, not just the wealthiest, to have access to the best things in life.

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