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Is It Bad to Wash Your Hair Every Day? Let’s Look at All the Subtleties.

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 When taking care of the hair, we need to take into account a number of factors, including the type and texture of our hair and whether it is healthy or suffering from a condition like split ends. Sometimes washing the hair every day is not good for its overall health, and this is especially true for dry hair.

 Washing the hair every day would only account for moisture and oil loss, resulting in extremely dull-looking hair. It has been found that straight and silky hair does not happen to be very dry, and therefore, it might be fine to wash it daily or every other day. On the other hand, curly and thick hair needs to be washed only once a week because of being less oily and more dehydrated.

 In this post, we are going to address the question is it bad to wash your hair every day, let’s look at all the subtleties.

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     Why is it Bad to Wash Your Hair Daily?

 Some people might argue that washing is good for the hair because it is associated with cleanliness. Moreover, people with oily hair find it only intuitive to wash their hair frequently to get rid of all that grease.

 But hair experts all over the world now unanimously agree that washing the hair too often is not good for the scalp, as the process interferes with its activity of producing natural oils. And when this happens, the scalp is no longer healthy, which is damaging to the overall health and texture of our hair.

 Taking care of your hair by tying or clipping it is good to retain all the natural oils. Moreover, a style that doesn’t involve loose hair helps to keep the greasy look hidden away. People with oily hair must consider getting a hair cut instead of keeping long hair because oily hair is definitely not easy to manage.

Girl shows long and healthy hair

     Is It Bad to Wash Your Hair Every Day – Let’s Look at All the Subtleties.

 Well, it’s not entirely bad to wash your hair daily or frequently, but some hair experts suggest using no chemicals when you have to wash your hair every day, which means you should use only water to rinse the hair. There are other ways to get rid of the grease effectively, for example:

  • By using a dry shampoo that doesn’t require wetting of the hair;
  • By using an oil-absorbing shampoo after every three or four days;
  • By avoiding shampoos that contain oily ingredients for that extra shine;
  • By using home remedies like baking soda to absorb the grease without shampooing the hair;
  • By avoiding a regular conditioner and using a leave-in conditioner instead;
  • By using a clay hair mask.

 Dry shampoo has been found to be effective for oily hair as it absorbs all the grease and does not come with harmful ingredients. However, the use of a dry shampoo must also be limited to only twice a week or so. Some people even use talcum powder to get rid of all the grease in their hair.

 Clay hair masks can be prepared at home by taking some clay and mixing it with water to form a paste. Apply this mask on damp hair and leave it on for about 30 minutes before rinsing it out with plain water. This is a very effective method to bring back shine to your hair and limit the use of a shampoo.

 People with split ends or other problems are usually found to be washing their hair frequently or using too many hair products that might not prove to be good for the long-term health of their hair.

 These people must limit their use of hair products and revert to home remedies to cure their problems. Moreover, they are recommended to use only a clarifying shampoo that consists of aqua water as an ingredient, but again even such a shampoo must not be used on a daily basis. It is formulated to remove any build-up that might have been caused by grease, dandruff or harmful products. And to be effective in that context, it usually consists of some harsh chemicals.

Beautiful woman shows a well-groomed and curly locks of hair

     So, What’s The Solution if Someone Needs to Wash Their Hair on a Daily Basis?

 The solution is to use a natural soap and avoid shampoo at all costs. This natural soap can be prepared at home by taking a handful of oats and boiling them in about a cup of water. When it comes to a boil, you can train out the oats and use the leftover water for washing your hair. Not only does this method allow you to save considerable amount of money on expensive shampoos, but also make your hair grease-free and silky smooth.

 Another home remedy that works wonders for oily hair is the use of lemon juice on the hair. Mix juice of about 2 lemons with a cup of water and apply it into your scalp, but make sure you rinse it off after five to ten minutes.


 Some people are in the habit of washing their hair every day or sometimes even twice a day. It is important to note that more often than not, this habit causes more damage than good because most shampoos tend to dry up the scalp, which causes damage to the roots. Extreme dryness leads to other conditions like dandruff, split ends and dead ends. The most damaging thing we can do to our hair is to use too much shampoo on it.

 Shampoo does help to clear away all the grease, but it also removes all the protective oils, which our scalp is not able to produce as speedily as we wash our hair. However, there are some tips to get rid of the grease for smooth and silky hair not by washing but by taking care of your hair properly and by using the right products.

 Home remedies are usually the best when it comes to getting rid of grease from oily hair and also to get back that natural shine. Review the question is it bad to wash your hair every day and find out a solution that works best for you!

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