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How to Care for Brittle Hair?

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 When your hair is damaged, it can lead to dryness, split ends as well as brittleness. Indeed, nobody deliberately wants damaged hair. But, some of the common hair practices we indulge in all in the name of hairstyling actually damage the hair and can cause hair brittleness.

 If you notice your hair is brittle, has split ends, is thin, you should read this to the end, so you learn how to care for brittle hair.

 Whatever you do, don’t neglect to take proper care of your hair by adopting a good hair routine. If you have a brittle, dry hair, don’t give up yet. There is a remedy for your situation.

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     How Do You Know You Have Dry, Brittle Hair?

 You might be here reading on how to care for brittle hair, but you are not sure if your hair is healthy or not. In this section, you will find out if your hair is brittle or healthy. Just like skin types are different, so is the hair different. The texture, volume, length, and color will always differ. While some respond very well to hair and styling products, some others don’t.

   If you have good hair, then the following should be the features of your hair:

  • When exposed to humidity, it should retain the natural texture;
  • It shouldn’t break easily when pulled;
  • It shouldn’t fall out or shed in large amounts;
  • It shouldn’t tangle much;
  • Not too oily, but with a natural shine and luster;
  • Absence of split ends;
  • Your scalp should be free of dandruff and healthy;
  • Minimal breakage.

 If your hair is the type that absorbs water immediately, water touches it (just like a sponge), then it is quite dry. Hair that tends to break easily when stretched or pulled is brittle. If it is rough to the touch and doesn’t hold when styled, it is a sign of dryness or brittleness.

 Now, if your hair shows some of these unhealthy hair signs, you shouldn’t ignore them. Having many hairs stuck in your comb each time you comb your hair is another sign that your hair needs proper attention. It could be a sign of thinning and not even breakage.

     What is the Difference Between Thinning Hair and Brittle Hair?

Image of a woman with well-groomed hair

 Both thinning of hair and hair brittleness calls for concern, especially when you are still young. However, both are not the same. Brittle hair is mostly associated with hair that is dry and breaks easily, while a thinning hair, just like the name depicts, means the hair is losing its weight or volume (i.e., the hair strands are getting thinner than usual).

 On average, humans have about 100.000+ strands of hair on the scalp, and it is actually normal to lose a few strands (about 50-100 daily), especially when you comb it. But, when you start losing more hairs, watch it, your hair could be suffering from brittleness.

 One way you will know when your hair is thinning is when you pull it into a ponytail, and you realize the ponytail isn’t as full as before. Hair thinning is more common as one grows older.

     Simple Tips on How to Care for Brittle Hair.

   Here are some things you should do to improve your dry and brittle hair.

  1. Make Changes to Your Diet.

 Do you know that what you eat affects every part of your body, and that includes your hair? Making healthy dietary changes can help restore the shine and texture of your hair. Consume meals with plenty of fruits, vegetables, and lean protein. Support it with vitamin C and E.

  1. Use Hair Products Meant for Damage Control.

 When purchasing your hair products like shampoo and conditioner, go for the ones that contain hair nourishing ingredients. Using antioxidant-containing moisturizing oils also helps restore the health of your hair.

  1. Use a Conditioning Mask Before Shampooing.

 Do a pre-shampoo treatment when you want to wash your hair. This might add to your time in the shower, but why not if it will restore your hair to a normal state? You should and moisturize your hair.

  1. Hair Products Containing Hydrating Ingredients are Often Better.

 You should avoid products that contain certain ingredients like sulfates and high concentration of alcohol as they can be harsh and cause dryness of hair. Instead, opt for those containing ingredients like coconut oil, argan oil, and shea butter, which are soothing to the hair and rejuvenates the scalp.

  1. Be Careful of How You Use Hair Heat Styling Tools.

 Styling the hair with hot tools like hot combs, dryers, etc. is common nowadays. In fact, hair salons can’t do without these tools; however, you should be wary of how you use them. Before you use some of them, ensure your hair is dry first. Also, avoid heat styling when the weather is sunny and hot, as it can make matters worse in the already dry weather.

     Natural Home Remedies You Try Out for Your Hair.

Image of a girl showing her bright hair

   Asides the tips provided above, if you have dry or brittle hair, natural home remedies can help improve your hair’s health.

  • Using Beer to Condition the Hair.

 Beer is said to contain protein, which is helpful in repairing the cuticles of the hair, thus, leaving out shiny and smooth hair. Spray some drops and leave on hair, just the way you do with hair conditioners.

  • Use of Banana Mask.

 Banana contains sufficient potassium, which is high in moisture, thus, ideal for restoring brittle, dry hair. Mash one or two banana pieces and spread thoroughly all over the hair, starting from the scalp. Leave on hair for about an hour before rinsing lukewarm water.

  • Using Avocado Paste.

 Avocado is another fruit that is rich in nutrients that can help improve the texture of your hair. The vitamins A, E, minerals, and saturated fat contained in avocado will help strengthen and moisturize brittle and damaged hair. Peel a ripe avocado, mash it, mix with one egg, and then apply it to a wet hair. Allow it on for about 20 minutes before washing out.

  • Consume the Right Supplements.

 You should take certain supplements to bring back the natural shine of your hair. Some supplements to take include vitamins A, C, E, biotin, Omega-3, and iron supplements.


 Many people move around with dry and brittle hair. While this might not be life-threatening, it is only wiser that you keep your hair in a healthy state. You can tackle this hair condition with certain diet changes, use of the right hair products, and a proper hair routine.

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