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How to Strengthen The Ends of Hair?

The girl lies with well-groomed and shiny hair

 Women who wish to have long and healthy hair are also quite familiar with the term “split ends”. This condition refers to damaged outer layer of the hair, resulting in frayed and dry ends. Many other problems may also occur, such as hair breakage and dead ends. Many women therefore are looking for an answer to how to strengthen the ends of hair. While limiting the use of hair styling tools, such as hair straighteners and dryers can prevent this condition, there are some proven remedies to get rid of split ends and have healthy, shiny hair.

 Let’s have a look into what causes split ends and how this undesirable condition can be prevented.

     Types of Split Ends.

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 There are four basic types of split ends and before looking at the treatment of this condition, it’s a good idea to learn about these types.

  1. The Branch: Also known as double split, the branch refers to a condition when the ends of hair split into two branches, and it usually occurs with over-brushing and frequent towel drying. It can be addressed by using a conditioner and a hair mask.
  2. The Fork: This refers to a hair damage condition when the ends split into three strands making it look like a fork. It indicates that your hair fiber is damaged, and it needs immediate intervention. Regular oil massage is a good way to prevent this condition.
  3. The Tree: This indicates a much worse damage in which not just the end, but the length of the hair also appears to be frayed. Using a soft brush or wide toothed comb to brush your hair seems like a good option to start treating this condition.
  4. The Knot: Excessive dryness usually results in ends that tangle themselves into a knot. It not only causes the hair to break, but also makes them rough and dull. Curly hair is most likely to become the victim of this condition.

 It is recommended to use antiseptic agents like chamomile to remove dead cells from the scalp and promote hair growth.

     How to Strengthen The Ends of Hair?

 Taking care of long hair is not difficult only if you follow a few techniques regularly. Some of these include:

  • Getting your hair trimmed every four to six weeks;
  • Drying hair naturally instead of using hair dryers or towels;
  • Eating a well-balanced diet;
  • Using products especially formulated for nourishment of hair;
  • Oiling hair every other day before taking a shower;
  • Taking supplements for healthy hair;
  • Avoiding exposure to hard water, including chlorinated pool water.

 Look for natural ingredients in your hair products to benefit from their long-term effects on the health and growth of hair.

     Home Remedies for Split Ends.

 Probably the best way to get rid of split ends is to follow some home remedies. Here are some proven treatments that you can easily apply at home.

  1. Honey and Yogurt Mask: Honey is not only good for skin, it is also recommended for healthy hair. All you have to do is mix honey with olive oil and yogurt to make a paste and apply it on the hair. Keep it on for 20 to 30 minutes and then wash off with a mild shampoo.
  2. Coconut Oil: Heat a little coconut oil before applying it to the hair. This is the best way to massage your scalp for healthy and shiny hair and also to prevent split ends. Coconut oil is also recommended to curing hair fall.
  3. Aloe Vera Gel: Aloe Vera is known since ancient times for its healing and anti-inflammatory properties. It is great for skin as well as hair. All you have to do is take pure Aloe Vera gel and apply it to your hair. Keep it on for about 30 minutes and then rinse it off using warm water.

 Never wash your hair with hot water as it does irreparable damage to even the healthiest of hair.

Woman shows healthy hair ends

     Foods That Facilitate Hair Growth.

 Eating the right foods for strengthening the ends of hair is very important. If you neglect this step, other treatments or home remedies will not work. Some of the foods that promote quick hair growth include:

  • Eggs for obtaining biotin, a B vitamin;
  • Green leafy vegetables, particularly spinach;
  • Nuts, seeds and dried foods;
  • Fish, particularly salmon, to obtain omega-3 fatty acids;
  • Whole grains;
  • Tangerines for their vitamin C content;
  • Greek yogurt;
  • Lentils for folic acid;
  • Peanut butter and almond butter.

 While you keep a check on what you eat for hair growth, it is also a good idea to avoid certain foods that can actually damage your hair. These include foods high in sugar, processed foods, starchy foods, and alcohol.

     Procedures to Avoid.

 Some hair procedures and treatments cause physical damage to the hair causing split ends. If you wish to have long, healthy hair, it is highly recommended that you avoid all these types of procedures whenever possible. These include:

  • Rough or harsh brushing;
  • Backcombing;
  • Using hair straighteners and dryers;
  • Perming;
  • Color treatments including bleaching;
  • Chemical relaxing.

 Using hair products that contain ingredients like Aloe Vera extract, chamomile, vegetable glycerin, honey, olive oil, and jojoba extract.

The hairdresser looks at the ends of the hair of a woman


 Most women desire long and healthy hair, but sometimes the hair growth is hindered because of a very common problem known as split ends. This is when the hair gets damaged, either due to using hair styling tools very frequently or by not eating a balanced diet. The result is dull and lifeless hair that not only affects a woman’s appearance, but is also difficult to style. How to strengthen the ends of hair therefore addresses the causes of split ends and ways to prevent and get rid of this condition since prevention is better than cure, it is advisable to stay away from all types of procedures that physically or chemically destroy the hair.

 Moreover, it is imperative to include certain foods in your daily diet that promote hair growth. And finally, getting your hair trimmed regularly, following some home remedies for thick and healthy hair and using the right products – this is basic of the ways to treat split ends. We wish you always have beautiful and well-groomed hair!

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