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Star Event – amfAR Gala in Hollywood, Los Angeles, USA, 2019 year

Serayah McNeil - amfAR Gala in Hollywood, Los Angeles, USA

 The star-studded amfAR Gala Los Angeles took place on the 10th of October 2019 year, the red carpet event allowed everyday people to share the limelight and interact with the biggest actors, comedians, models and singers in the world right now but for a very pricey paycheck. The event was hosted by the amfAR foundation also known as the “American Foundation for AIDS Research”. Dear readers, in this article we are going to be taking a good look at this charity event and telling you all the interesting and fascinating aspects of it.

     Celebrities That Attended The Event.

 This event was the definition of star-studded with a short list of the top celebrities at this event including world-renowned Scottish-American comedian Alan Cumming who has appeared in films such as ‘The Flintstones in Viva Rock Vegas’, ‘The Tempest’ as well as ‘The Smurfs’ and ‘The Smurfs 2’. Cumming is also an OBE also known as ‘Order Of the British Empire’ which is an award given British citizens who have contributed to society in some way.

 Other famous faces that attended this event.

 Actress turned businesswoman Gwyneth Paltrow, Paltrow’s films have grossed over $8.8 billion worldwide.

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Lea Michele and Gwyneth Paltrow - amfAR Gala in Hollywood, Los Angeles, USA

 Actress Jennifer Jason Leigh who has starred in ‘Mrs. Parker and the Vicious Circle’ for which she was nominated for a Golden Globe. Other films she has been featured in include ‘The Anniversary Party’, ‘Road to Perdition’ and ‘Margot at the Wedding’.

 Thirty three-year-old actress Lea Michele who is best known for playing Rachel Berry on the popular television series ‘Glee’.

Emily Hampshire, Alan Cumming and Jennifer Jason - amfAR Gala in Hollywood, Los Angeles, USA

 The daughter of Michael Jackson, Paris Jackson also attended the event, she is known for being an avid support of the fight against AIDS.

 American actress and film director Eva Longoria also attended the event, Longoria has been nominated for the Golden Globes multiple times as well as for the Screen Actors Guild Awards.

Eva Longoria - amfAR Gala in Hollywood, Los Angeles, USA

 Finally, all attendees enjoyed a very special appearance and performance from Christina Aguilera herself, the five Grammy Award winning singer sang some of her most famous songs such as ‘Hurt’, ‘Dirrty’, ‘Your Body’ and ‘Candyman’. The lucky spectators managed to get a once in a lifetime experience with one of the most successful female singers of the 21st century.

Christine Chiu and Tara Dollinger - amfAR Gala in Hollywood, Los Angeles, USA

    Event Information.

 The event was hosted by comedian Alan Cumming with Larry Gagosian and Gwyneth Paltrow also acting as honorary speakers who made passionate speeches to help raise awareness of AIDS to the audience attending as well as talking about how amfAR plans to tackle those issues and change the world for the better.

 There was a dress code policy that stressed formal dress but did not require a full black attire, with the majority of the spectators option for colorful and lively combinations of suits and dresses. In fact, due to how popular the event is with the LGBT community, a large proportion of the males were wearing dresses themselves.

 Overall the event managed to raise a whopping $1.6 million for charity to help fund research for the terrible disease that is AIDS, support the gay community and help tackle the disease in impoverished parts of the world particularly in Asia where the topic is fairly taboo and there is little local government sponsored efforts to deal with the issue.

Ongina - amfAR Gala in Hollywood, Los Angeles, USA

      History of The Creation of This Event.

 AmfAR or the American Institute for AIDS Research is one of the biggest international non-profit that focuses on raising awareness and funding to tackle AIDS and HIV. Apart from receiving donations, the company hosts multiple charity galas around the world in location including New York, Hong Kong, Cannes and of course Los Angeles.

 The organization is made up of full-time employees as well as a board of 25 Trustees and 100 advisers, a large part of which are well known public figures and LGBT activist that attend the charitable galas for free to help raise awareness and attract everyday people willing to pay thousands to come have a dinner with them at their table. In 2016, the charity raised a total of $50 million, of which a large part was raised from the galas it hosts around the world.

 It aims to find a working cure for AIDS by the year 2020 which was a goal set in the year 2014, to date amfAR has donated hundreds of millions to various scientists and researchers around the world. Furthermore, the charitable group funds over 60 hospitals and health clinics, mostly in Asia, that provide research and also help provide treatment as well as preventive measures to patients.

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