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Core Values in Human Life and Society

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 Core values are the beliefs that guide our behavior on a day-to-day basis, helping to make decisions either consciously or unconsciously.

 We could write long lists of core values in human life and society, but there are too many to enumerate. When we seek employment, core values are usually written into the mission statement of the company. If we feel that we don’t align with the values, it is better not to join the company, as we wouldn’t be a good fit.

     Choosing a School For our Child.

 When we look for a school for our child, we look for a school that reflects our core values as a family. Some people may not be in the position to do this, but many of us feel that this is really important, and we may have to find a fee-paying school to ensure it is the right fit for our child.

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 Over the last 50 years, society’s values have changed and are not as rigid as they once were, and here are some things that we look for:

  • Respect, mutual respect;
  • Empathy, and looking at how we can grow together;
  • Tolerance of people who are different from us;
  • Loyalty to family and community gives us the strength to stand together;
  • Honesty and acceptance.

     Core Values in Schools and Organizations.

 The reason that you pick a school that aligns with your values, is because children learn by modeling themselves on others. After they have practiced and lived the values throughout their school lives, they should maintain them for life.

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 Organizations are much the same, and those that put their values at the forefront of the hiring process make it easier to see who a good fit will be and who won’t be. In many NGOs (non-government organizations) employees are constantly reminded of their company’s values. Usually with a banner placed at the front of the room on team building days and other corporate events. This reminds the staff of what is expected of them when they are representing the company.

     The Armed Forces.

 The Army, Navy, and Air Force all have their core values for members to align with. When new recruits enter the services, they are taught the core values, and as these people put their lives on the line for their countries, the values and beliefs are strong.

 Over the years, values change and become outdated, and many organizations rewrite their core values every 10 or 20 years. However, the basic values never really change, but are just updated to suit the modern world and adapt to changes in society.

 Core values in human life and society are enforced quite firmly within the forces because people’s lives are at stake on a daily basis. Working in this way takes a lot of commitment and professionalism, and for many becomes a way of life.

     Starting Your Own Business.

 When starting a new company, you will want to take some time to think about your own core values. This may be a totally new experience, as most of us have never spent time deciding what our core values are.

 At this point, it could be worth retaining a business coach for the first six months to prompt you to determine your core values and decide on the immediate direction of your new company and clarify your thoughts on the process.

 You really only need to decide on about 5 core values, as any more is too many, and when you are starting out in a business you will want to place a time limit on how long this takes. If you have a few staff like 4-10 on your team, it is good to hold a planning day, or half-day and determine the 5 core values together as a group. When you have finished with your list of values, ensure that you and your team are comfortable with them.

 One question to ask yourself is; Do the values feel consistent with your identity? Then rank them in order of priority.

 You may require a facilitator to keep your planning day moving and to complete the tasks, your business coach may be willing to fulfill this role. He may also have suggestions regarding core values to suit your company.

     Does Knowing Your Core Values Change Your Behavior?

 Yes, in most cases, your core values change your behavior for the better. For example, loyalty to family and friends constantly brings us back to the family throughout our lives, and most families always watch out for one another. In many cases, when we are successful, we employ a family member, as we know they will be loyal to us in return.

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 Honesty, another core value usually learned in childhood, helps us to treat people fairly and not take what isn’t ours.

 So, it should change our behavior to live by our core values because that is really the purpose of having them.

     People Who Share Our Core Values.

 Throughout life, we find ourselves gravitating toward people who share our core values and our beliefs, and as we get older, we can become more rigid in our ideas.

 So, it is always good to be open-minded to change and new interpretations of an old theme or value, as young people often put their own interpretation on old ideas. This is good, as we need change to drive productivity and vitality, and your business will benefit from people of all ages and ideas, as long as they share the core values of the company.


 If you ask yourself, “What are my core values”? The answer will help guide decisions throughout your life and into a career path.

 So, if you find yourself unclear on your future career path, it might be time to sit down and think about your core values and where they would best fit in your future career. Alternately, think about your career and if it fits with your core values. Once you have taken the time to do this, everything is easier than, you will know exactly where you are heading.

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